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Leeds at COP28

In November 2023, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) hosted the United Nations climate change conference, known as COP28. 

Since 1995, world governments have met every year to negotiate a response to global climate change. These 197 nations and territories, signatories to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, are represented at the Conference of the Parties (COP), responsible for reviewing the implementation of the Convention. This was the 28th meeting of the COP, hence COP28. 

Find out about our activities at COP27 and COP26. 

COP28 and the University of Leeds

Research and innovation from the University of Leeds contributed to important discussions and negotiations that took place in the run up to, and at, COP28. As an official observer of the UNFCCC – the framework that underpins COP28 – the University sent a delegation to the conference in Dubai. Members of this delegation were involved in events and activities across both the Blue Zone (UN-managed space which hosts the negotiations) and Green Zone (managed by the UAE Government, and open to the general public).

What went well, what went badly and what comes next?

Members of the University of Leeds delegation explored the outcomes of COP28 and discussed how to build upon them.

Meet our COP28 team

Learn more about some of the staff and students involved with COP28.

Events at COP28

University of Leeds delegates were involved in several events at COP28.

Webinar: University of Leeds at COP28

Hear some of our delegation discuss what they'll be doing at COP28 and what the priorities are for the negotiations.

Leeds alumni, COP28, and climate action

Read about Leeds alumni around the globe who are helping to combat the climate crisis.

Horizons Institute on COP28

COP28 blogs from the Horizons Institute which provides a shared platform for tackling global challenges.

Expert insights

COP28 insights, commentary and explainers from University of Leeds researchers.

Reflections from the Higher Education Networks Roundtable at COP28

Blog by Ruth Jihyung Joo, Knowledge Exchange Fellow at the University of Leeds.  COP28 marks a step forward in climate finance to address the financial...

COP28: The Fossil Fuel COP

Richard Beardsworth, Professor of International Relations and Head of the University of Leeds Delegation to COP28, reflects on the outcomes of the climate change conference....

Recognising that food system solutions are climate solutions

As our planet faces more challenges due to climate change, countries worldwide are gathering once again, this time for COP28—the Conference of the Parties to...

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