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Omar Salameh

Job title:

Masters student and Electrical Engineer

Area of work:

I am part of the team drafting the Global Youth Statement, the youth declaration on climate change to ensure that the voices of youth around the globe is hear and taken into consideration.

What will you be doing at COP28?

I will participate in the Conference of the Youth (COY) from 26-28 November, and the Student Energy Summit from 29 November-1 December.

What are the big issues that COP28 needs to address? What are your hopes for the negotiations?

  • Energy decarbonisation and the need to fully decarbonise the energy systems while maintaining reliability and resilience. Moreover, to take a broader consideration for both the supply and demand side of the chain.
  • A just transition, and ensuring equitable and fair access to finance, technology, and skills for everyone and not practice the monopolistic approaches in agreements.
  • Collaboration and capacity building. Ensuring sufficient training for all stakeholders in the sphere of climate change, including policymakers, industries, youth and children.

What’s your message to world leaders at COP28?

As we are reaching the tipping point of our planet’s climate, we need bold science-based actions that will ensure our ambitious targets will be met.

Do you have any tips about climate action that you can share?

Join volunteering organisations, such as YOUNGO, that will ensure proper knowledge is shared and will give the opportunity to participate in climate advocacy.