NameSchoolJob titleAreas of expertise
Mohammad Fikry AbdullahBusinessPhD researcherBig Data Analytics (BDA); Hydroinformatics; UN Sustainable Development Goals; Data, Information & Knowledge Management; Decision Making
Antonio AbellanEarth and EnvironmentLecturer in Engineering Geology & GeohazardsInvestigating glacier front evolution; Glacier monitoring (time-lapse cameras, UAV, LiDAR); Impact of climate change on natural hazards & risk
Aayisha AhmadEarth and EnvironmentStudentModelling
Pepa Ambrosio-AlbalaEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowAdaptation to climate change; perception of climate change risk; change towards sustainability, pro-environmental behaviours and resilience; indigenous peoples and climate change adaptation
Jillian AnableInstitute for Transport StudiesProfessor of Transport and EnergyTransport and mobility, uptake of low carbon vehicle technology, mobility demand and long term trends, theories of practice and behaviour
Louise AndersonBiologyPhD researcherEcological and human management responses to climate change in coral reef ecosystems. Fostering climate resilience on coral reefs.
Christina AndreadouChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherBioenergy; Biomass; Waste to energy; Life cycle analysis; climate change mitigation; climate change; 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation biofuels
Gordon AndrewsChemical and Process EngineeringProfessor of Combustion EngineeringBiofuels, biomass and biocoal
Emmanuel AramendiaEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherEnergy-economy modelling; Energy transition; Energy conservation; Energy rebound; Non-renewable natural resources depletion
Marie ArnaudGeographyPhD researcherThe belowground carbon and hydrological dynamics of natural and restored mangrove forest
Steve ArnoldEarth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor of Atmospheric CompositionProcessing and transport of trace gases and aerosols in the atmosphere; Earth's biosphere & climate system
Lachlan AstfalckEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowAffects of glacial melt on sea-level rise
Manpreet AulakhEarth and EnvironmentStudentClimate change mitigation
Naila AzharEarth and EnvironmentMasters StudentSustainability, carbon management, renewable energy, biogas, circular economy, climate change, food security, climate security
Jessica BakerEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowFeedbacks between tropical forests and climate, land-atmosphere interactions, hydrological cycles, climate model evaluation
Mustafa BakrElectronic and Electrical EngineeringVisiting ResearcherRenewable energy: wind turbines; power electronics; smart cities; internet of things
Steven BanwartEarth and EnvironmentIntegrating Chair in Soil / Agriculture / Water ResearchReactive processes in soil and groundwater, Earth’s Critical Zone
Myrna Barjau Perez MilicuaBiologyPhD researcherImpacts of extreme events (warming and drought) and invasive species on biodiversity and function of freshwater ecosystems
Will BarkerGeographyPhD researcherTropical ecology, nutrient cycling, biotic interactions and carbon sequestration
Natasha BarlowEarth and EnvironmentAssociate ProfessorSea-level changes over a range of timescales
David BarnsChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherRenewable energy, low carbon heat, the decarbonisation of cities, future sustainable energy system, complexity of the energy system
John BarrettEarth and EnvironmentChair in Sustainability ResearchEnergy demand, sustainability, economic growth, carbon accounting
Richard BeardsworthPolitics and International StudiesProfessor of International Relations and Head of SchoolClimate Change and International Relations; Climate Change and Political Leadership; Climate Change as a Catalyst: Beyond the North/South Divide
Fiona BeckettEnglishProfessor of Contemporary PoeticsEcopoetics; 'Plant blindness' in Climate-Change Discourse; Rare Plants
Ajay Gajanan BhaveEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowClimate change adaptation; Water resources; Decision making under uncertainty
Amy BennettGeographyPostgraduate researcherImpacts of the 2015/2016 El Nino on tropical forests
Susan Bernal LopezCivil EngineeringProfessor of Structural MaterialsDecarbonisation of cement and concretes; Management and valorisation of wastes; Extending longevity of concrete structures
Louise BeveridgeEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherClimate change for food security; modelling climate impact on crops, asking how modelling can help to inform adaptation decisions in food insecure regions (Central America focus); developing agro-climatic indices
Cathryn BirchEarth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor in Meteorology and ClimateRainfall, convection and severe weather; Tropical meteorology; Monsoons and the water cycle; Regional climate modelling; Links between rainfall and flooding
Hannah BirchChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherImpacts of Biomass use and associated land use change in tea/coffee growing regions, with focus upon climate change implications
Richard BirleyChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherThe reduction of NOx in large scale power production; Reduction of SO2 and CO2
Steven BoeingEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowDynamics and thermodynamics of moist convection; Parametrisation of convection; Turbulence; Boundary-layer meteorology
Muriel Bonjean StantonEarth and EnvironmentResearch Fellow in decision making under uncertaintyClimate adaptation; infrastructure (water, electricity, transport); organisational behaviour and organisational change; decision making under uncertainty
Graham BousteadChemistryPhD researcherProduction of tropospheric species, production of nitrous acid on the surface of aerosols
Seamus BradleyPhilosophy, Religion and History of Science Marie Curie Research FellowPhilosophy of science (modelling, simulation); Rationality and decision making under uncertainty
Carrie BradshawLawLecturerFood waste / waste (law and policy)
Lina Brand CorreaEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowFinding alternative pathways to decouple the benefits we derive from energy use, from the climate impacts of our current energy systems and practices
Douglas BrayChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherCultivation of algae for use in bioremediation and development of carbon neutral biofuels. Developing a waste management structure for LEDCs
Christian BretterBusinessPhD researcherJudgements, decision-making and behaviour in polarised contexts
Roel BrienenGeographyAssociate ProfessorEcosystem functioning;interactions between ecology and environment; impact of climate on tropical forests
Melissa BrillEarth and EnvironmentMSc studentClimate Change: Physical Science Basis; mitigation; impact and adaptation
Flora BroczaSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD studentClean energy: Sustainable materials for pollution reduction and energy storage
Llinos BrownInstitute for Transport StudiesResearch FellowDecarbonisation of transport system; Energy cultures; Energy behaviour; Transport behaviour; Workplace energy use; Social science research
Aaron BrownChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherUtilisation of bioenergy through anaerobic digestion
Marta Bruno SoaresEarth and EnvironmentMet Office University Academic FellowSocial sciences of climate services; Usability of climate information; Science-policy interface; Vulnerability assessment and adaptation
Milena BuchsEarth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor in Sustainability, Economics and Low Carbon TransitionTransforming economies and wellbeing for carbon reduction; Inequality of household carbon footprints, distributional implications of carbon reduction
Lukas BunseEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherMacroeconomic impacts of energy demand reduction
Lauren BurtonEarth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherThe climate of the Pliocene and understanding its relevance for the 1.5C world.
Jonathan BuschEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowLow carbon infrastructure transitions, business models and socio-technical systems modelling
James CantBiologyPhD researcherThe response of Coral community demographics to changing climates and bio-geographical variability
Anastasia CardoneEnglishPhD researcherUS nature writing and ecocritism; ecopoetry; birds in American literature; Henry David Thoreau as the father of American nature writing
Michael CardwellLawProfessor of Agricultural LawAgriculture and the environment including Agricultural law, policy, holdings and world trade
Ken CarslawEarth and EnvironmentProfessor of Atmospheric ScienceModelling of atmospheric aerosols and clouds and their effect on atmospheric composition
Aaron CarvellChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherBioenergy, providing biomass based sustainable solutions to energy needs
Sarah ChapmanEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowImpact of climate change on East Africa, particularly in regards to rainfall and agriculture
Daniel ChernickChemical & Process EngineeringPhD researcherBioenergy
Martyn ChipperfieldEarth and EnvironmentProfessor of Atmospheric Chemistry; Director of ICASAtmospheric science
Charisma ChoudhuryInstitute for Transport StudiesAssociate ProfessorModelling individual decisions involving climate change (e.g. evacuate/not in the event of a natural disaster, migrate/not in the event of increased extreme climate events, willingness-to-pay for mitigating climate change, willingness-to-accept climate change externalities, etc.); Using big data for modelling climate change related decisions (e.g. mobile data to model migration due to climate change)
Andreas ChrysanthouEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherAtmospheric Physics, climate modelling, climate dynamics, atmospheric chemistry.
Lisa CollinsBiologyChair in Animal ScienceLivestock health and welfare, climate associated health risks and projected risks linked to changes in climate
Daniel ColsonGeographyPhD ResearcherResearching changes in peatland environments using remote sensing methods
David ConnollyCivil EngineeringAssociate ProfessorThe effect of climate change on the behaviour of transport infrastructure
Katie CookBiologyPhD researcherConservation decisions to manage range shifts and climate change in marine environments
Gregory CookePhysics and AstronomyPhD researcherResearching early Earth's climate as well as exoplanet atmospheres. Understanding how different types of chemistry can affect equilibrium temperature
Poppy CooneyChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherBiofuels/bioenergy; Algal biotechnology
Helen CoskeranBiologyProgramme Support Officer (Monitoring and Evaluation)Monitoring and evaluating research conducted into climate smart agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa
Liese CoulterEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowClimate change adaptation; climate risk storylines (CRS); future-oriented climate narratives
Angela CraddyEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherClimate change decision making; Adaptation and decision making
Bart CrezeeGeographyPhD researcherCarbon storage in peatlands of lowland tropical Africa
Beverley CroftMedicinePA to Head of Leeds Institute of Medical Research; Postgraduate researcherBusiness ethics and corporate social responsibility; climate change, carbon neutral and emissions
Jo CutterLeeds University Business SchoolLecturer in Work and Employment RelationsThe future of work and the transition of carbon intensive sectors; Unions and Workers environmental and climate change agents
Martin DallimerEarth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor in Environmental ChangeUrbanisation; Land use change; Biodiversity conservation; Sustainable agriculture and land degradation
Meaghan DalyEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowCo-production and knowledge politics; Science-society relations and science governance; Climate change adaptation; Science and Technology Studies
Charlie DannreutherPolitics and International Studies (POLIS)LecturerWater quality regulation and evaluation, accountability of local authority finance officers, community based critical pedagogy
Jeremy DaviesEnglishLecturer in EnglishEcological criticism and theory
Innes DeansChemical and Process Engineering PhD researcherBioenergy
Shahab DehghanElectronic and Electrical EngineeringResearch FellowMulti-Vector Energy Systems; Reliability of Energy Systems; Resiliency of Energy Systems; Smart Energy Systems
Alice DeignanEducationProfessor of Applied LinguisticsCommunication of climate science, especially to young people
Lorenzo Dello SbarbaEarth and EnvironmentStudent
Leif DenbyEarth and EnvironmentPostdoctoral researcherConvective clouds and their change in a changing climate. Co-I on EUREC4A-UK (
Stephen DenisonEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherResponse of the earth system to net negative emissions; emissions metrics
Jennifer DentithEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherSimulating carbon isotopes in the FAMOUS coupled atmosphere-ocean GCM to better understand large-scale ocean circulation and the marine carbon cycle
Monica Di GregorioEarth and EnvironmentLecturer in Environmental Politics and GovernanceEnvironmental politics and development; climate policy, environmental movements and policy networks
Matthew DickinsonEarth and EnvironmentMSc Student
Adele DixonBiologyPhD researcherAssessing ecological responses and coral reef vulnerability to climate change
Steven DobbieEarth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor: Atmospheric PhysicsGeoengineering and crop yields and failures; High impact weather and crop yields and failures
Emma DochertyGeographyPhD researcherThermal sensitivity of tropical trees
Andrew DougillEarth and EnvironmentExecutive Dean of Faculty of Environment
Valerie DupontChemical and Process EngineeringReader in Low Carbon EnergyLimiting the negative impacts of heat and power systems
Gary DymskiBusinessProfessor of Applied EconomicsPublic policy, political economy, money and banking, macroeconomics
Hannah EnsaffFood Science and NutritionLecturer in NutritionSustainable food choice; Nutrition interventions promoting sustainable food choice (specifically based on choice architecture)
Negar Naghshinehpour EsfahaniEarth and EnvironmentMSc studentEnergy , technology and the built environment; sustainability and better waste management
Adriane Esquivel MuelbertGeographyResearch FellowTropical forest ecology; Tree drought vulnerability; Forest dynamics; Carbon cycling
Wuhu FengChemistry / Earth and EnvironmentNCAS ScientistStratospheric ozone depletion and mesospheric metal layers
David FergusonEarth and EnvironmentUniversity Academic FellowGeochemical and geochronological methods to investigate magmatic and volcanic processes
Jason FernsChemical & Process EngineeringPhD researcherBioenergy; emission reduction - improving air quality; using more sustainable transportation fuels
Katie FieldBiologyBBSRC Translational FellowPlant-fungal symbioses (mycorrhizas); plant-soil processes; sustainable agriculture; evolutionary ecophysiology
Declan FinneyEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowConvection-permitting climate modelling; Eastern Africa climate; Lightning, atmospheric chemistry and climate change
Clare FisherPerformance and Cultural IndustriesPhD ResearcherCreative responses to the climate crisis, particularly in creative writing; Interdisciplinary responses to climate change
Rory FitzpatrickEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowChanges in high impact weather – particularly rainfall events across West Africa; Co-production of climate adaptation strategies
Jennifer FletcherEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowCumulus convection and tropical dynamics
Markus FraundorferPolitics and International Studies (POLIS)Lecturer in Global GovernanceGlobal Governance; Global Environmental Challenges
Joseph Hubert Galani YamdeuFood Science and NutritionPostdoctoral Research FellowPlant and food composition analysis; Food safety; Dietary exposure and human health risk assessment; Climate-smart agriculture
Marcelo GaldosEarth and EnvironmentMet Office – University Academic Fellow in Modelling Food Security and Climate ImpactsThe use of crop, soil and climate modelling to assess mitigation and adaptation strategies, focusing on climate smart agriculture
Julius GaneChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherQuality bio-oil production as future renewable liquid fuels
Alice GarveyEarth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherSpatially just energy transitions; climate change mitigation towards net zero; regional decarbonisation; industrial decarbonisation policy
Arianna GiallettiEarth and EnvironmentMSc studentClimate Change: physical science basis, adaptation and mitigation policy
Jannik GiesekamEarth and EnvironmentResearch Fellow in Industrial Climate PolicyOpportunities to reduce energy use and carbon emissions through the pursuit of material efficiency strategies
Simon GoodmanBiologyLecturer in Evolutionary BiologyClimate impacts on biodiversity; ice-breeding seals; Caspian Sea environment and ecology; evolutionary adaptation
Hamish GordonEarth and EnvironmentPostdoctoral researcherAerosol-cloud interactions and radiative forcing; Aerosol nucleation and its effect on climate
Andy GouldsonEarth and EnvironmentProfessor of Environmental PolicyEnvironmental and climate policy, low carbon development
Alan GraingerGeographySenior Lecturer in Global Change and PolicyTropical forests, deforestation, land use change, biodiversity and carbon stores
Sam GraingerEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowClimate Services; Climate-related decision making; Climate communication
Oliver GrashamChemical and Process EngineeringPostdoctoral researcher Renewables; Lifecycle Analysis; Process Engineering; Green Hydrogen; Anaerobic digestion; Ammonia; Fuel Cells; Hydrothermal Carbonisation
Catherine GravesEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherMy project is on "the role of virtual reality to catalyse pro-environmental behaviour change", and links to climate change mitigation measures
Lauren GregoireEarth and EnvironmentAcademic Research FellowIce-sheet – climate interactions ; past rapid sea level rise and abrupt climate change
Stephen GriffithsMathematicsLecturer in Applied MathematicsAtmosphere-ocean fluid dynamics; Ocean tides, paleotides, and sea level numerical modelling
Michael GrimesGeographyPhD researcherProglacial landscape evolution in Northeast Greenland. Climate change and its impact on glaciers, meltwater and sediment discharge
Stephen HallEarth and EnvironmentUniversity Academic Fellow and EPSRC FellowLow carbon innovation, economics, energy, climate change and society; energy transitions
Margo HansonEarth and EnvironmentResearch Manager: Energy, Climate Change & SustainabilityMargo has managed the administration of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) at Leeds since its launch in 2008, working closely with CCCEP's Director and Deputy Director at Leeds and colleagues at LSE.
Chris HassallBiologyLecturerClimate impacts on freshwater ecosystems, aquatic thermal microclimates, insect phenological and distributional change
Alan HaywoodEarth and EnvironmentProfessor of Palaeoclimate ModellingEarth's environmental/climatic history, model assessment, scenarios for future climate change
Dwayne HeardChemistryProfessor of Atmospheric ChemistryHydroxyl radical; uptake of gases onto aerosols; kinetics and photochemistry of atmospheric processes
Eva HeinenInstitute for Transport StudiesUniversity Academic FellowCycling, bicycle use, travel behaviour change, active travel, sustainable transport
Thirze HermansEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherClimate change resilience/adaptation/mitigation. Agriculture/Food Security
David HigginsEnglishAssociate Professor in English LiteratureLiterary/cultural representations of climate change; historical understandings of climate change
Luke HigginsChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherRole of soil organic carbon plays in earth system modelling, and biochar-based potential carbon capture technologies, using XAFS techniques
Daniel HillEarth and EnvironmentLecturer in Global Change ModellingPalaeoclimate, climate modelling, cryosphere, ecosystems
David HodgsonEarth and EnvironmentProfessor of Sedimentology and StratigraphySea-level rise / change; Palaeocene / Eocene thermal maximum
Anna HoggEarth and EnvironmentNERC Knowledge Exchange Research Fellow & University Academic Fellow in Earth Observation of the CryosphereEarth observation of the cryosphere, ice sheets, Antarctica, Greenland, ice velocity
Joseph HoldenGeographyPro-Dean for Research (Environment), Director of Water@Leeds & Chair in Physical GeographyProcesses associated with the hydrology and carbon dynamics of peatlands under environmental change
Katy HonourChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherMainly interested in researching the use of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage. Afforestation and reforestation for carbon capture
Nicholas HumphriesCivil EngineeringPhD researcherSustainable agriculture; environmental geochemistry; environmental microbiology; water protection; flood risk management; waste management
Leonie Hyde-SmithCivil EngineeringPhD researcherClimate resilience of urban water and sanitation services; Affordability of "climate proof" urban water and sanitation services; Costs of adaptation
Sarah IrwinSociology and Social PolicyProfessor of SociologyAreas of interest include public perceptions and values relating to climate change; public engagement and policy
Lawrence JacksonEarth and EnvironmentResearch Fellow in Modelling African Climate DynamicsAtmospheric convection and dynamics in the tropics, precipitation, geoengineering
Tom JacksonMedia and CommunicationLecturer in Digital Media, Director of International ActivitiesMy research is not specifically related to climate change but I am developing projects which explore the potential of studying it using immersive tech
Jefferson JaikissoonEarth and EnvironmentMSc studentVulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change; Food Security
Clare JamesLawPhD researcherRight to food as population increases and agriculture is both effected and also contributes to climate change
Rebecca JarmanLanguages, Cultures and SocietiesLecturer in Latin American Cultural StudiesCultural history of responses to urban landslides in the Andes (Caracas, Bogota, Medellin, Cali) from the 1920s onwards
Jill JohnsonEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowUnderstanding uncertainty in complex cloud and aerosol models, and how uncertainty feeds through to climate-related quantities such as forcing
Elliott JohnsonEarth and EnvironmentMSc studentJust transition; de-growth
Emma JohnstoneEarth and EnvironmentMSc studentDecarbonisation and other mitigation methods
Ruth JooEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherLinkage of Global Carbon Markets
Peter JoyceEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherThe response of northern ecosystems to climate change
Julia LehmanChemistryUniversity Academic FellowGas phase kinetics and spectroscopy of atmospheric chemical reactions
Astrid KauseBusinessPost-doctoral ResearcherClimate change communication, concepts and communication of uncertainties related to climate change, daily behaviours
Richard KeaneEarth and EnvironmentMet Office Senior ScientistIndian Monsoon; Global atmospheric modelling; Convection parameterisation
Declan KennyPolitics and International Studies (POLIS)PhD researcherThe political theory of climate change
Hannah KentBusinessPhD researcherResilience to climate change in critical infrastructure
Effie KesidouBusinessAssociate Professor in Applied EconomicsEco-innovations/Environmental innovations; Green patents; International Sustainability Standards; CSR performance; Sustainability of City-regions
Laura KielyEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherThe effects of tropical fire emissions on air quality and climate
Phoebe KingEarth and EnvironmentMSc studentClimate change adaption; Green infrastructure; Nature based solutions
Megan KlaarGeographyUniversity Academic FellowWater resource management and policy, extreme hydrological events (floods and droughts), natural flood management
Robert KniftonFine Art, History of Art & Cultural StudiesUAF in Museums, Galleries & HeritageFashion/Art/Design links to climate change
Kjell KühneGeographyPhD researcherKeeping fossil fuels in the ground; Fossil gas finance; fossil fuel revenue
Bill KuninBiologyProfessor of Ecology, Deputy Head of SchoolPlants - pollinator - herbivores interactions, conservation biology, community ecology and biogeographic issues
Rob LawlorInter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied Lecturer in Applied EthicsEthics of climate change: climate change and engineers; professional responsibilities; lessons from history (slavery and rationing), economics
Milan LazeckyEarth and EnvironmentScientific Algorithm Developer and ProgrammerEarth Observation using SAR satellites: InSAR subsidence monitoring (excessive groundwater pumping), PolSAR identification of forest losses
Lina LefstadEarth and EnvironmentMSc studentEcological Economics; Smart Sustainable Cities; Modular and Circular housing; Circular Economy
Simon LewisGeographyProfessor of Global Change ScienceGlobal carbon cycle; land-use, forest restoration and negative emissions; science-policy interface; Anthropocene
Kang LiElectronic and Electrical EngineeringProfessorSmart energy systems; energy storage; energy efficiency of manufacturing processes; transportation electrification
Daniel LiEarth and EnvironmentStudentEnvironmental Science ; Climate Change and Environmental Policy
Mingchen LiBusinessPhD researcherThe relationship between companies' carbon performance and financial performance; The impact of carbon performance on firms' financing restrictions.
Suzanne LorenzEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowClimate change adaptation, visualisation and communication of climate change information
Fleur LoveridgeCivil EngineeringUniversity Academic FellowClimate change effects on performance and stability of earth structures and geotechnical infrastructure assets
Christopher LyonEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowClimate policy, adaptation, resilience, transformation
Xiaoxiao MaEnglishPhD researcherEcocriticism; Environmental Humanities; Ecology; Landscape and literature; Romanticism
Xiaoxiao MaInstitute for Transport StudiesResearch FellowHow to use economic policies to address environmental externalities caused by vehicle driving
Rebecca MacklinGeographyResearch AssistantIndigenous communities; gender; energy; petrocultures; environmental humanities
Graham MannEarth and EnvironmentLecturer in Atmospheric ScienceAerosols, volcanic eruptions, stratospheric influences on climate, radiative forcing
Greg MarsdenInstitute for Transport StudiesProfessor of Transport GovernanceThe governance of decarbonisation of the transport system; Local and national carbon policy for transport; Travel demand; Flexibility and disruption "
Alastair MarshCivil EngineeringResearch FellowDeveloping low carbon construction materials, particularly cements and concretes
Zeke MarshallEarth and EnvironmentResearch AssistantApplying Thermodynamic Laws to the Energy-GDP Decoupling Problem
John MarshamEarth and EnvironmentAssociate ProfessorAtmospheric convection; tropical meteorology; mineral dust uplift and transport; land-atmosphere interaction
Christian MärzEarth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor, BiogeochemistryBiogeochemical processes, ocean redox conditions and nutrient cycling during past greenhouse climates
Patrick MasonChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherBiomass for electricity generation
Anuszka Maton-MosurskaEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherCommunity-based approaches to disaster risk reduction (including climate change adaptation); Arctic social sciences; Discourses of climate change
David MaxwellChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherUtilising biomass from brownfield sites; treatment methods to prevent emissions of harmful contaminants into the atmosphere.
Amanda MaycockEarth and EnvironmentUniversity Academic FellowSurface climate variability, composition-climate interactions, ozone and water vapour effects
Alex McCannEarth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherIce-sheet and glacier ablation in relation to climate change; climate change policy and governance.
Ciaran McInerneyMedicineResearch AssociateStatistics; algorithm development
James McKayChemical & Process EngineeringCentre Manager, EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training in Low Carbon Technologies and BioenergyLow Carbon Technologies (renewable energy technologies); visualising ancient environments and climates; visualising future scenarios
Christine McKennaEarth and EnvironmentPostdoctoral Research FellowClimate modelling, large-scale atmospheric dynamics, the stratosphere
Scott McLaughlinMusicLecturer in Composition and Music TechnologySonification, especially of irregular cyclic patterns
Jim McQuaidEarth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor of Atmospheric CompositionMeasurements of atmospheric composition and air quality
Katie McQuaidEarth and EnvironmentSenior Research FellowGender, sexuality, urban Africa, participatory arts, community co-production, inclusive cities
Lucie MiddlemissEarth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor in SustainabilityEnvironmental sociology, energy poverty, sustainable consumption, sustainable communities, environmental justice
Benjamin MillsEarth and EnvironmentUniversity Academic FellowRole of CO2 in climate over geological timescales; Ocean mixing and anthropogenic carbon inventories
Neha MittalEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowClimate information co-production, seasonal climate forecast, river flow requirements
Felicity MongerEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherThe impacts of semi-natural woodland on flooding in the UK
Elizabeth MorganEarth and EnvironmentAssociate ResearcherCorporate environmental responsiveness, sustainable consumption. Business innovation and its diffusion for carbon emission reduction in consumption
Francesca MorrisEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherMeteorology/geophysical fluid dynamics; the interaction between severe convection and large-scale atmospheric circulation
Paul MorrisGeographyLecturer in EcohydrologyClimatic drivers (past, present and future) for peatland initiation, peatland carbon sequestration and changes in peatland biodiversity
Laurence Morris-MoodyEarth and EnvironmentMSc studentForecasting the structure, intensity, and associated hazards of tropical cyclones, which are expected to intensify due to anthropogenic climate change
Dominic MuenzelBiologyPhD researcherCoral reef resistance and resilience to climate change through systematic conservation planning
Amrita MukherjeeLawLecturer and Director LLM international lawInternational environmental law; International law; Global governance through law
Phillip MurphyEarth and EnvironmentLecturer (Teaching and Scholarship)Speleothems as climate proxy, growth patterns and isotope records
Mamatha NagarajPhysics and AstronomyUniversity Academic FellowFunctional and responsive materials for sensing applications
Rizwan NawazGeographyResearch FellowClimate change and impacts on water systems
Angus NaylorEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherThe effects of climate change on wild/country food security in Canada’s Far North
Elias NkiakaEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowWater, Climate and Society
James NormanEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherDecision-making under uncertainty;Climate prediction across timescales;Novel commercial applications of earth imaging and climate information products
Seb O’ConnorFine Arts, History of Art and Cultural StudiesPhD researcherFlood management; Community-scale green infrastructure projects; Social values in sustainability science; Deliberative ecological economics
Harrison OatesChemistryPhD researcherUnderstanding the impact of industrial gas streams on CO2 capture solvent performance; Improving the current CCS solvent technology
Alesia OforiPolitics and International Studies (POLIS)PhD ResearcherRural governance; Political Ecology of water; Micropolitics and the extractive industry in West Africa
Alice OwenEarth and EnvironmentAssociate ProfessorDomestic energy retrofit; construction industry supply chains; place-based approaches to climate action; climate-resilient business models
Anne OwenEarth and EnvironmentUniversity Academic FellowConsumption-based accounting for emissions
Jouni PaavolaEarth and EnvironmentProfessor of Environmental Social Science, Director of Research in the School of Earth and Environment, Co-Director of CCCEPEnvironmental social science
Matthew PankhurstEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowK-feldspar as a potential climate modulating agent
Douglas ParkerEarth and EnvironmentMet Office Professor of MeteorologyAtmospheric dynamics; Storms; Land-atmosphere interaction; Weather forecasting; Tropics / Africa; Operational weather prediction
Stefan PedersenPolitics and International Studies (POLIS)Teaching FellowCo-lead on the Earth System Governance Project's 'Taskforce on Planetary Justice'; Published in Globalizations on 'planetarism'
Eric PetersonBiologyVisiting Research FellowFuture proofing built environment; water cooling urban heat islands
Peter PetkovsekPerformance and Cultural IndustriesPhD ResearcherGeomythology, Cultural and Performative Responses to Climate Crisis
Oliver PhillipsGeographyProfessorTropical forest and savanna plant growth, mortality, biodiversity, carbon cycle, global change responses and feedbacks
Ben PickeringEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherSolutions such as EVs, renewable energy forecasting, sustainable observations e.g. radiosondes are not, and I work to replace them with UAVs
Ben PileBiologyPhD researcherImpacts of heatwaves in interaction with invasive species and parasites on the fundamental ecosystem process of detritivory in freshwater ecosystems.
Mike PillingChemistryEmeritus ProfessorAtmospheric chemistry, especially oxidation capacity and tropospheric ozone formation
Jonathan PitchesPerformance and Cultural Industries Professor of Theatre and PerformanceMountain (Cultural) Studies, specifically in relation to Theatre and Performance; Eco-Criticism; Plays and Performances which address climate change
Craig PokuEarth and EnvironmentPostdoctoral ResearcherAerosol-cloud interactions
Oliver PollardEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherGlobal sea level rise; Sea level rise in the North Sea; Melting ice sheets; Glacial isostatic adjustment
Emily PotterGeographyPostdoctoral Cryospheric researcherRegional climate modelling; mountain climate; near-surface climate above glaciers
Santosa Sandy PutraGeographyPhD researcherTropical Peatlands; River Restoration; Hydrology; Extreme Weather; Remote Sensing
Lan QieGeographyResearch FellowBiomass / carbon dynamics in tropical forests
Claire QuinnEarth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor of Natural Resources ManagementEnvironmental change and sustainability, social and agriculture interface
Ben RabbEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowTranslating existing research to provide practical societal benefits; Hydroclimatic risk assessment; Climate change adaptation planning
Alex RapEarth and EnvironmentLecturer in Atmospheric ScienceRadiation modelling, biosphere-atmosphere interactions
Chloe RapsonEarth and EnvironmentMSc studentClimate modelling; Sustainability; Environmental policy
Imogen RattleEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherTransition from fossil fuel based energy systems; Online engagement with contentious environmental issues
Christopher RaynerChemistryProfessor of Organic ChemistryChemistry, low energy capture methods and utilisation of carbon dioxide; chemistry relevant to carbon capture and storage
Lucy RecchiaMathematicsPhD researcherDynamics of the Indian Monsoon system
Carly ReddingtonEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowAerosol effects on climate; air quality-climate co-benefits
Simon ReesCivil EngineeringProfessor of Building Energy SystemsBuilding energy and renewable systems
Leighton RegayreEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowEffect of aerosol forcing on large-scale climate phenomena on the decadal timescale
Claire Richardson-BarlowLanguages, Cultures and SocietiesPhD researcherTrade governance in renewable energy development in the Asia-Pacific
Philippa RoddisEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherPublic acceptance of renewable energy; low carbon transitions; ecosystem services
Jennifer RodleyEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherMy research focusses on ocean redox environments but I have a personal interest in the climate and environmental impacts of animal agriculture
Will RollsEarth and EnvironmnetResearch AssistantForest management and carbon; land management; unconventional biomass fuels; biomass use and supply chains
Yvan RoméEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherOcean modelling; Ice sheet modelling; Paleoclimate research
Debbie RosenEarth and EnvironmentGeneral Manager, CPOM & COMET Earth observation and modelling of polar regions
Amy RossEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherParticipatory governance; Low carbon infrastructure (case studies HS2, fracking in Lancashire, Northern Gas Network's hydrogen gas project)
Alistair RucklidgeMathematicsProfessor of Applied MathematicsNonlinear dynamics, including applications to fluid systems
Sally RussellEarth and EnvironmentAssociate ProfessorClimate Change and Sustainability in Organisations; Proenvironmental Behaviour in Organisations; Material demand reduction
Jacqueline RutkowskiBusinessMSCA Researcher FellowWaste management; waste recycling
Paola SakaiEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowAdaptation and resilience of the water sector and SMEs to climate change, low-carbon future options for cities
Susannah SalluEarth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor of Environment and DevelopmentClimate compatible development; rural livelihood dynamics; climate change adaptation; social-ecological resilience
Jodie SalterPhilosophy, Religion and History of SciencePhD researcherReligious understandings of and responses to climate change; faith-based organisation and religious NGO engagement with UNFCC/COP events/UNEP
Malcolm SawyerBusinessEmeritus Professor of EconomicsEcological macroeconomics
Jennifer SaxbyEarth and EnvironmentResearch Fellow in Tropical MeteorologyForecasting the structure, intensity, and associated hazards of tropical cyclones, which are expected to intensify due to anthropogenic climate change
Karina SchaeferEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherEarth Sciences; Marine Geology; Geoglogical Engineering; Sustainable Development; Climate Change and Environmental Policy
Cat ScottEarth and EnvironmentUniversity Academic Fellow in Biosphere-Climate InteractionsImpact of forests on climate, aerosol science, atmospheric composition, radiative transfer
Heather SelleyEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherUsing earth observation to map elevation and velocity changes of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets
Amalia SerritielloEarth and EnvironmentMSc studentEnvironmental policy and governance; Sustainable cities; Climate modelling; The drivers/barriers to diet affecting climate change; Carbon zero initiatives
Sarah ShallcrossEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherImpact of volcanic eruptions on climate; General interest in climate change impacts and potential solutions (e.g. geoengineering)
Ian ShawPolitics and International StudiesAssociate Professor of Global Security Challenges
Peter SheafBusinessPhD researcherConspicuous consumption i.e. the degree to which people buy things not because they need them but because they want to demonstrate their social status
Yong ShengCivil EngineeringAssociate ProfessorCO2 storage, unconventional coal mining, green energy
Hannah SherwoodChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherImpact of Biomass use/land use change on earth-atmosphere interactions in tea/coffee cultivating regions
Ben SilverEarth and EnvironmentPostgraduate researcherQuantifying the air quality co-benefits of climate change mitigation strategies in the Pearl River Delta, China
Myung Hee SimEarth and EnvironmentMSc studentEmission Trading Scheme
Jasjit SinghPhilosophy, Religion and History of ScienceResearch FellowMinority ethnic communities and narratives of climate change; Religion and climate change; Transmission of narratives and issues
Ranjay SinghEarth and EnvironmentLBS Visiting FellowClimate vulnerability, multiple stressors, agricultural adaptation and climate policy implications are local level
Sajid SirajBusinessAssociate ProfessorThe use of big data analytics and structured decision making techniques for climate-related decisions and policies
Yim Ling SiuEarth and EnvironmentLecturer in Environmental Risk ManagementEnvironmental risk assessment and modelling; risk perceptions, mitigation and adaptation policy evaluations
Benjamin SkinnerPerformance and Cultural IndustriesPhD researcherTouch as a means of communicating our current climate crisis; The (potential) sensory perception of skin
Stefan SkrimshirePhilosophy, Religion and History of ScienceAssociate Professor in Theology and Religious StudiesReligion and Climate Change; Eco-Theology; Environmental Philosophy
Tom SlaterEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowThe Cryosphere; Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets; Sea level rise; Earth observation
Fiona SmithLawProfessor of International Economic LawAgricultural trade; food security; food sovereignty; climate and health; regional trade agreements; EU Common Agricultural Policy
Chris SmithEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowClimate projection and climate modelling; radiative forcing; radiative transfer
Tess SomervellEnglishBritish Academy Postdoctoral FellowClimate change in literature; Representations of environmental catastrophe, particularly flooding, in literature; Theories of weather, climate, and climate change during the Enlightenment
Viktoria SpaiserPolitics and International Studies (POLIS)University Academic Fellow in Political Science InformaticsSustainable Development Goals; general sustainable development; environmental behaviour
Oliver StanfieldChemistryPhD researcherCarbon Capture and Storage for industrial sites e.g. powerplants with new solvents with better qualities than current technology
Lucy StevensEarth and EnvironmentMSc studentThe climatic impacts of milk consumption and how we can change consumption and behaviour to benefit the planet.
Peter StewardEarth and EnvironmentPostdoctoral Research FellowEcological science to enhance sustainability, productivity and resilience of farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa
Daniel StoneChemistryUniversity Academic FellowAtmospheric chemical mechanisms
Lindsay StringerEarth and EnvironmentProfessor in Environment and DevelopmentHuman-environment relationships, sustainable development, environmental governance
Julia SzajdzickaEarth and EnvironmentMSc studentPolicy philosophy
Anne TallontireEarth and EnvironmentProfessor of Sustainability and BusinessVulnerability; adaptation; transformation (especially for agricultural producers); carbon market standards (eg FairTrade Climate Standard)
Harrison TanBiologyPhD researcherInteraction between climate change and human activities, population demography of ice-breeding pinnipeds
Wenguang TangGeographyPhD researcherTree growth, Carbon sink, nitrogen deposition, greenhouse gas emissions
Giorgio TavernaEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherAssessment of the impact of the injection of TiO2 particles at stratospheric levels to counteract escalating climate change via geo-engineering
Andrea TaylorBusiness / Earth and EnvironmentUniversity Academic Fellow in Decision Making and Preparedness for Climate Change and Extreme WeatherRisk perception, communication, decision making and preparedness for climate change and extreme weather
Liam TaylorGeographyPhD researcherPermafrost Peatlands, focussed on Alaska. Wider responses of the Cryosphere to climate change. Remote sensing. Climate Change education
Harriet ThewEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, climate change education
Daisy ThomasChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherMy PhD focuses on the emissions from hybrid vehicles using biofuel/petrol blends, so I'm focussing on emissions from low-carbon transport methods
Steven TobiasMathematicsProfessor of Applied Mathematics, Head of Applied MathematicsStatistical methods in geophysical and astrophysical fluid dynamics, sub-grid modelling; effect of solar variability on climate
Paloma Trascasa-CastroEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherEl Niño-Southern Oscillation, large-scale climate dynamics, intra-basin teleconnections, surface climate impacts
Emma TrottEnglishResearch Fellow in Contemporary PoeticsCritical plant studies; animal studies; environmental humanities; ecopoetry; environmental ethics
Judith TuckerDesignSenior LecturerLandscape, place and environment in contemporary art; Art/poetry collaboration in an ecocritical context
Josh TurnerCivil EngineeringPhD researcherUsing System Data to Reduce GHG Emissions from Heat Pumps in Operation (Heat pumps are a low carbon method of space/water heating and cooling)
Adam TysonPolitics and International Studies (POLIS)Associate Professor of Southeast Asian PoliticsSustainability and forestry in Southeast Asia; palm oil production; rural development
Alexander ValavanisElectronic and Electrical EngineeringUKRI Future Leaders Fellow and University Academic FellowTerahertz instrumentation for gas spectroscopy; THz satellite instrumentation
James Van AlstineEarth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor of Environmental PolicyClimate change policy; Climate justice; Climate compatible development; Energy policy
Zora van LeeuwenGeographyPhD researcherFlood risk management
Anne VelenturfCivil Engineering / Earth and EnvironmentResearch Impact Fellow in Circular Economy and Sustainable Offshore Wind Circular Economy, Resource Recovery from Waste; Oil & Gas Decommissioning; Sustainable Offshore Wind
Jefim VogelEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherThe role of social and physical provisioning systems for climate mitigation in the context of human well-being and international equity
Jochen VossMathematicsLecturerStatistical modelling, uncertainty quantification
Zia WadudInstitute for Transport StudiesAssociate ProfessorPersonal carbon trading; residential and transport energy use choices; carbon decomposition analysis
Daniel WarrenBiologyPhD researcherInvasion Ecology; Ecosystem and Climate Change; Freshwater Ecology
Charlotte WeaverChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherImpacts of land use change from bioenergy expansion on global biogeochemical and biophysical effects on climate
Georgina WerkmeisterGeographyPhD researcherHow extreme temperatures might affect reproduction in tropical forest trees in Brazil
Stephen WhitfieldEarth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor of Climate Change and Food SecurityClimate change adaptation and mitigation in agri-food systems
David WilliamsEarth and EnvironmentLecturerAgriculturally driven land-use change; the climate impacts of diets and dietary choices
Jamie WilsonEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherImpacts of deforestation: atmospheric composition and the climate
Cordula WittekindGeographyPhD researcherModeling future environmental flows against the background of climate change with particular focus on adaptation of abstraction licensing systems
Tom WoodEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherAtmospheric circulation response to climate change drivers; Regional climate change; Climate modelling; Climate model uncertainty
Kerri WoodsPolitics and International Studies (POLIS)Lecturer in Political TheoryEnvironmental human rights; climate justice; environmental ethics
Robert Woodward-MasseyChemistryPhD researcherTropospheric chemistry
Zhuoqian YangInstitute for Transport StudiesPhD researcherNOx and CO2 emissions from grocery delivery (refrigerated) vans
Weiyi YaoChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherFrom food waste in Higher Education and Primary/Secondary Schools to Truck fuels – A sociotechnical and technoeonomical appraoch
Pazit ZivCivil EngineeringWater@Leeds Doctoral Research and Training Centre ManagerWater, atmospheric research, meteorology, humidity, hydrology