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Shona Smith

Head of the Priestley Centre for Climate Futures

As Head of the Priestley Centre for Climate Futures, I lead the delivery of the Centre’s research vision, working across disciplinary, professional, and institutional boundaries to drive research-led climate action. I lead a team of climate focused professional services staff with diverse specialisms to deliver initiatives and activities to meet the Centre’s strategic objectives and develop a community of staff, students and external partners. I also act as a key link for the University of Leeds Climate Plan delivery programme team, supporting academic engagement and opportunities for innovative research and innovation through the Climate Plan programme.

Following a research career in atmospheric chemistry, I moved into professional services to focus on coordinating and leading interdisciplinary research- and innovation-driven activities in sustainability and climate. I have significant experience as a climate focused research and innovation development lead working with researchers from a range of career stages and disciplines and external partners.

Externally to the University of Leeds, I am a founding steering committee member of the UK Universities Climate Network and co-lead of the network’s net zero universities activity stream.