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Greenland’s ice sheet is melting – and being replaced by vegetation

An estimated 11,000 sq miles or 28,707 sq kilometres of Greenland’s ice sheet and glaciers have melted over the last three decades, according to a major analysis of historic satellite records. The total area of ice loss is equivalent to the size of Albania, and represents about 1.6 % of Greenland’s total ice and glacier...

Carbon calculator to improve sustainability in craft beer sector

A “carbon footprint calculator” has been created to help small craft brewers identify the scale of their carbon emissions. Developed by a research team led by the University of Leeds, the freely available calculator – which can be downloaded as an Excel document from the figshare website – will enable breweries to see how sustainable their operations...

Cold, unbalanced and feeling seasick – all in the name of science

Three researchers from the University of Leeds are embarking on a two-month expedition to the Antarctic to investigate one of the most important questions in climate science. Dr Will Homoky, Dr Alastair Lough and Chiara Krewer, all from the School of Earth and Environment, will be looking at the role that the cold polar seas play in removing carbon...

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Collaborating for Impact: Bridging the gap between climate science and insurance industry practice

A detailed discussion of four of the biggest challenges facing the insurance sector and how to align cutting edge climate...

Policing and our Climate Crisis: Reflections on the 2019-20 Black Summer Bushfires in Australia

In this Centre for Criminal Justice Studies public lecture, Dr Jarrett Blaustein will explore what policing is, and what it...

Net Zero transition plans: Credibility and action

Significant numbers of companies and financial institutions have publicly committed to achieve sustainability objectives, including net zero. Join us to learn...

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Reflections from the Higher Education Networks Roundtable at COP28

Blog by Ruth Jihyung Joo, Knowledge Exchange Fellow at the University of Leeds.  COP28 marks a step forward in climate finance to address the financial...

New book explores UK climate risk and resilience

A new book has been published bringing together key research from the UK Climate Resilience programme, which was co-led by the Met Office and involved...

Despite the climate crisis, Scotland is burning as much carbon-rich peatland as it did in the 1980s

Hillsides splashed with purple heather are a symbol of Scotland and its natural beauty. But these picturesque moorlands are actually maintained by people – a...

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