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Minister praises University’s environment work

Pioneering environment research at the University of Leeds has been applauded by Government’s Minister for Energy Security and Net Zero. Graham Stuart MP met with climate and net zero experts during roundtable discussions at Nexus and to attend the Climate Change Committee’s (CCC) board meeting on campus. The roundtables included discussions on Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission, communicating climate change,...

Extreme heat likely to cause next mass extinction

A new study shows unprecedented heat is likely to lead to the next mass extinction since the dinosaurs died out, eliminating nearly all mammals in some 250 million years time. The research, published in Nature Geoscience, presents the first-ever supercomputer climate models of the distant future and demonstrates how climate extremes will dramatically intensify when the...

Antarctica’s glacial border migrates for miles with the tide

New measurements of how boundary between onshore glacier and floating ice shelf glides back-and- forth could help predict melting. Most Antarctic glaciers flow straight into the ocean where they form large floating ice shelves. The grounding line is the place where the base of the ice firsts lifts off the sea floor and begins to...

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Nature Portfolio: Publishing in High Impact Journals

Bronwyn Wake, Chief Editor of Nature Climate Change will present on the Nature Portfolio journals. Choosing the right journal to...


In the last two decades the rate at which the polar ice caps is melting has doubled. MELTWATER is an audio-visual...

Priestley Centre for Climate Futures: an open event

The Priestley Centre is entering an exciting phase of development as it becomes the Priestley Centre for Climate Futures. This...

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The enduring impact of youth climate activism

“Adults and those in power have a duty of care to children.” “By continuing to support the use of fossil fuels, you are harming the...

Greenpeace vs Sunak: an ambivalent confrontation

Climate change has hardly been out of the news this summer: record-breaking temperatures, forest fires and activism have made front-page headlines. Professor Richard Beardsworth, an expert...

Unlocking the climate potential of planting hedgerows

Hedgerows provide multiple benefits to farmed landscapes, as they provide refuge and food to wildflowers, pollinators, and bird and small mammal populations, as well as...

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About the Priestley Centre

The Priestley Centre for Climate Futures is an interdisciplinary climate research, innovation, and learning centre, using our world-leading expertise to shape a better future for our communities, our region and the world.

Through collaboration with businesses, governments and civil society, we harness our expertise in climate research to develop innovations, deliver education and inform policy for a fair, resilient, and decarbonised world.

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