Postgraduate students with an interest in climate change involved in the Priestley Climate Scholars programme of engagement and professional development.

NameSchoolJob titleAreas of expertise
David BarnsChemical and Process EngineeringPhD researcherRenewable energy, low carbon heat, the decarbonisation of cities, future sustainable energy system, complexity of the energy system
Gregory CookePhysics and AstronomyPhD researcherResearching early Earth's climate as well as exoplanet atmospheres. Understanding how different types of chemistry can affect equilibrium temperature
Adele DixonBiologyPhD researcherAssessing ecological responses and coral reef vulnerability to climate change
Andy EmeryGeography / Earth and EnvironmentPriestley PhD researcher (2016 intake)Glacial and postglacial landscape evolution of Dogger Bank, North Sea
Catherine GravesEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherMy project is on "the role of virtual reality to catalyse pro-environmental behaviour change", and links to climate change mitigation measures
Rachel HarcourtBusiness / Earth and EnvironmentPriestley PhD researcher (2016 intake)Narrating the UK's adaptation to a changing climate
Leonie Hyde-SmithCivil EngineeringPhD researcherClimate resilience of urban water and sanitation services; Affordability of "climate proof" urban water and sanitation services; Costs of adaptation
Ruth JooEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherLinkage of Global Carbon Markets
Mingchen LiBusinessPhD researcherThe relationship between companies' carbon performance and financial performance; The impact of carbon performance on firms' financing restrictions.
Katerina LiontouEnglish / BusinessPriestley PhD researcher (2018 intake)Public perceptions of volcanism and atmospheric change,1783-2010
Dominic MuenzelBiologyPhD researcherCoral reef resistance and resilience to climate change through systematic conservation planning
Alesia OforiPolitics and International Studies (POLIS)PhD ResearcherRural governance; Political Ecology of water; Micropolitics and the extractive industry in West Africa
Santosa Sandy PutraGeographyPhD researcherTropical Peatlands; River Restoration; Hydrology; Extreme Weather; Remote Sensing
Philippa RoddisEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherPublic acceptance of renewable energy; low carbon transitions; ecosystem services
Kate SambrookEarth and Environment / BusinessPriestley PhD researcher (2019 intake)Public perceptions of heatwaves and climate change in the U.K.
Jillian SchacherEarth and EnvironmentPriestley PhD researcher (2018 intake)Investigating the ethics of climate services; Comparative advantages and considerations of public vs. private climate service providers
Benjamin SkinnerPerformance and Cultural IndustriesPhD researcherTouch as a means of communicating our current climate crisis; The (potential) sensory perception of skin
Oliver StanfieldChemistryPhD researcherCarbon Capture and Storage for industrial sites e.g. powerplants with new solvents with better qualities than current technology
Harrison TanBiologyPhD researcherInteraction between climate change and human activities, population demography of ice-breeding pinnipeds
Harriet ThewEarth and EnvironmentPhD researcherUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, climate change education
Josh TurnerCivil EngineeringPhD researcherUsing System Data to Reduce GHG Emissions from Heat Pumps in Operation (Heat pumps are a low carbon method of space/water heating and cooling)