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Vaibhav Pramode Nair

Job title:

Undergraduate student

Area of work:

I am very involved with topics of soil revitalisation and land degradation. I am a youth voice and advocate of the Save Soil Movement, the largest people’s movement in history. I am also excited by topics revolving around environmental education and communication, as well as those relating to soil and land-food relationships.

What are the big issues that COP28 needs to address? What are your hopes for the negotiations?

The Thematic Agenda recently released by the COP Presidency holds some promise and I think the emphasis to focus on climate finance is well received. It is crucial that we close the gap on what’s on paper and what’s happening on the ground.

What’s your message for world leaders at COP28?

Soil is our very body. We come from the soil and go back to the same soil. A third of all greenhouse gas emissions are directly or indirectly related to agri-food systems. Saving our soil must be our top priority if we want to sustain life on the planet.

Do you have any tips about climate action that you can share?

Soil is the largest carbon sink after our oceans. Saving our soil means combatting climate change, restoring biodiversity, ensuring food and water security, ending nutrient deficiency, and enhancing farmers’ livelihoods. To the reader, I urge you to educate yourself on the role of soil – join the global movement to Save Soil.