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Leeds at COP27

In November 2022, Egypt will be hosting the next United Nations climate change conference, known as COP27.

Since 1995, world governments have met every year to negotiate a response to global climate change. These 197 nations and territories, signatories to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, are represented at the Conference of the Parties (COP), responsible for reviewing the implementation of the Convention. This year is the 27th meeting of the COP, hence COP27.

Find out about our activities at COP26.

COP27 and the University of Leeds

Research and innovation from the University of Leeds will contribute to important discussions and negotiations that take place in the run up to, and at, COP27. As an official observer of the UNFCCC - the framework that underpins COP27 - the University will send a delegation to the conference in Sharm El Sheikh. Members of this delegation will be involved in events and activities across both the Blue Zone (UN-managed space which hosts the negotiations) and Green Zone (managed by the Egyptian Government, and open to the general public).

Webinar: COP27 reflections

Our delegates reflect on the outcomes and their experiences.

Events at COP27

The University was involved in several events at COP27.

Meet our COP27 team

Learn more about some of the staff and students involved with COP27.

Key COP27 themes

University of Leeds experts share their thoughts on some of the key themes of COP27.

Research for Climate Action

Dr Shona Smith discusses the importance of implementation and integration.

University of Leeds at COP27

Watch this webinar featuring several members of the delegation.

COP27 reflections

A series of reflections from Leeds experts before, during, and following the climate summit.

Delivering a just agricultural transformation

A new policy note identifying some key gaps in the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture.

Cultural heritage in the context of disasters and climate change

How cultural heritage research can support worldwide efforts to tackle climate change.

Ask A Climate Researcher: COP27 Edition

Take a look at our ‘Ask A Climate Researcher’ playlist to see a new mini-series for COP27!