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Luba Pirgova-Morgan


Luba Pirgova-Morgan

Job title:

Research Fellow 

Area of work: 

‘Heritage, Climate Change and Disasters’ Project

What will you be doing at COP27? 

We are aiming to launch the currently finalized report at COP27 and through a workshop style session co-develop a policy brief that may be useful not just for the UK but also more widely applicable. 

What are the big issues that COP27 needs to address? What are your hopes for the negotiations?

One issue is the ‘non-action’ or even ‘non-listening’ that is taking place in many places around the world. Another is the differing approaches towards varying interests.  

My hopes are that we can learn from a culturally informed approaches and transform those lessons onto our existing problems. A different lens that could provide alternative pathways to a more acceptable solution. 

What’s your message for world leaders at COP27?

I know your term in office is relatively short, so I plead with you to use it to benefit the people you serve not only for the duration of your term or career, but with the long view – for the survival and growth of many generations to come.

Any tips for readers about climate action?

Keep an open mind and an open heart.  Analyse what you read and always check the credibility of sources. Always consider the consequences of any climate action for both the people and the environment.