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COP27 reflections

A series of reflections from Leeds experts before, during, and following the climate summit.

Towards COP27: Climate leadership

Professor Richard Beardsworth examines the UK's presidency in the run-up to COP27 in Egypt and the implications of Russia's invasion of Ukraine for political leadership on climate.

New approaches to interdisciplinary climate research

Ahead of COP27, Dr Helen Coskeran explains why it is so important to diversify the voices being heard in climate change research.

Approaching COP27: some questions for climate leadership

COP27 is an opportunity for climate leadership to begin the long-term transition to net-zero but, Professor Richard Beardsworth asks, is this now possible?

Climate Leadership and the COP Process

Professor Richard Beardsworth asks, 'What is the present situation of climate leadership by states, and where lies the future direction of travel?'

Research for Climate Action

Dr Shona Smith discusses the importance of implementation and integration.

What the tiny remaining 1.5C carbon budget means for climate policy

Professor Piers Forster and Dr Debbie Rosen write for Carbon Brief.

After COP27: Whither climate leadership?

Professor Richard Beardsworth searches for a leadership that can unite development and climate.