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Dominick Spracklen

Dominick SpracklenName: 

Dominick Spracklen  

Job title: 

 Professor of Biosphere – Atmosphere Interactions 

Area of work/study (pertinent to COP26) and why it’s important: 

I study how the natural world impacts our climate and how climate impacts our natural world. It is important to understand how a healthy natural world can lock up carbon and be more resilient to climate change.  

What will you be doing at COP26?

I will be talking about our new research showing how restoration of degraded tropical peatlands can reduce the risk of wildfire with important benefits for people, nature and climate. I hope that the work can support ongoing efforts to restore peatlands and inform equitable and effective peat fire governance.  

What are your hopes for the COP26 negotiations? 

Meaningful action to reduce emissions and protect and restore the natural world.  

Any tips for readers about climate action?

Eat less meat – one of the most important individual actions we can take to reduce our emissions and reduce pressure on the natural world.