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Julia Martin-Ortega

Julia Martin-OrtegaName: 

Julia Martin-Ortega 

Job title:

Professor of Ecological Economics 

Area of work and why it’s important: 

The economics of peatland restoration. Peatlands are massive carbon stores, but as they get degraded, instead of capturing carbon, they release it. Restoring peatlands is a crucial climate change mitigation strategy. My work relates to assessing the socio-economic impacts of peatland degradation and restoration. Our recent study shows how restoring peatland can have net benefits for society (benefits > costs), and even more, how delaying peatland restoration less to great opportunity costs (forgone benefits).  

What will you be doing at COP26?

I will be presenting my research on the economics of peatland restoration at the Peatlands Pavilion. 

The Pavilion runs all of this week, and the session on the Economics of Peatlands is on Thursday 17 – 18.30.  

What are your hopes for the COP26 negotiations?

That governments finally move from pledging to acting. This cannot be delayed any longer. We have to stop small incremental changes, and finally make a paradigmatic change.  

 Any tips for readers about climate action?

Don’t let yourself be despaired by the lack of sufficient action from governments, we have to keep fighting for this. There is not really a choice. Keep it up!