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Debbie Rosen 


Debbie Rosen 

Job title:

Science and Policy Manager for the CONSTRAIN project

Area of work and why it’s important

CONSTRAIN is a Horizon 2020 project focusing on improving understanding of key uncertainties in the climate system, and using this new knowledge to provide improved climate projections. With global temperatures having already increased by around 1.2˚C since pre-industrial times, a better understanding of how close we are to the Paris Agreement’s long-term goal to limit warming to 1.5˚C is vital to informing discussions at COP26 as well as raising ambition and supporting calls for urgent action.    

What will you be doing at COP26?

With CONSTRAIN, I’m involved in three potential side events at COP26, one in the UNFCCC space and two in the EU Pavilion. All three are being developed in collaboration with a range of partners, and focus on various topics including the 2023 Global Stocktake, the Paris Agreement, and current and future climate risks across Europe. Our role will be to provide an update on some of the latest science relevant to these topics, including near-term warming trajectories and the remaining carbon budget.     

What are your hopes for the COP26 negotiations?

That the issues they raise remain high up on the agenda once COP26 has been and gone. COP26 is an incredibly important moment in time – but political action and media coverage shouldn’t begin and end with COP26.   

Any tips for readers about climate action?

It’s easy to point to other nations, organisations, or individuals who we feel are doing less on climate action than we are, and use this as an excuse for inaction.  But every tonne of carbon counts and every degree matters, no matter what the source is, so we should all do our best.  Also, talk about climate change with your friends, family and colleagues.  It’s one of the most important things you can do!   

Anything else you want us to know?

At the last COP, I tried my first Beyond Burger and also had a go on an Oculus Rift!  Both are now widely available so I’m looking forward to seeing what new innovations are in the Green Zone this time.