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Priestley Climate Scholars

The Priestley Climate Scholars programme offers professional development and engagement opportunities for PhD students interested in climate change.

Postgraduate students across the University of Leeds study topics relating to climate, yet many find themselves only engaging with the research community within their own discipline. Priestley Climate Scholars brings together students from across disciplinary backgrounds and offers opportunities for training, networking and leadership.

While postgraduate students receive a depth of training via their doctoral programmes, as Priestley Climate Scholars they will be exposed to the breadth of interdisciplinary climate research through interactions with leading climate researchers within the Priestley Centre for Climate Futures.

A programme of seminars, workshops and training events is designed to support development in four key competencies:

  1. Interdisciplinary climate research
  2. Communicating climate change
  3. Leadership and engagement
  4. Career preparedness

The programme runs from January-December, with scholars benefitting from 2 years of membership. The programme is ideally suited to students in the first year of their PhD. Scholars generally meet biweekly on Wednesdays (3:00-4:30pm), with additional ad hoc training and activities. Scholars help to shape the programme, so each year looks a little different, but the timetable for 2021 is available as an example.

Find out more about the current Climate Scholars.