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Study climate online

Have a look at a range of free online courses for learners of all ages focusing on topics of ecology, climate change, environmental management policy and more.

Planet Earth: Understanding and Protecting our Environment

Discover the Earth’s natural systems and how human activity affects them

Renewable Energy: Achieving Sustainability through Bioenergy

Understand the principles of bioenergy and learn how to harness this form of renewable energy to achieve sustainability.

Climate Change and Resilience in Food Systems

Learn new research-led strategies designed to mitigate the effects of climate change on agriculture and food systems.

Ecology and Wildlife Conservation

Discover ecology and learn how we can protect wildlife to conserve our natural world.

A Nutritional Approach to Agriculture and Food Security

Develop skills to apply and evaluate innovative solutions that place nutrition at the heart of a sustainable food system.

Transport Systems: Global Issues and Future Innovations

Learn about effective transport planning and modelling, considering how transport solutions can become sustainable, reduce pollution and improve the health and safety of people across the world.

Environmental Challenges course collection

Learn how environmental management policies are developed and understand the challenges surrounding their formulation.

Renewable Energy: Sustainable Electricity Supply with Microgrids

This two-week course explores global electrification approaches via a national grid, off-grid, micro and mini-grids and considers the barriers to affordable, clean and fair access to electricity.

Online degree courses

Sustainable Business Leadership MSc/ Postgraduate Certificate

Accelerate your management career in sustainability with the University's 100% online Sustainable Business Leadership MSc/ Postgraduate Certificate.