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“Don’t worry about barriers”


Angela Terry 


Environmental Science, Chemistry Option 



Current role: 

CEO, One Home Climate Solutions 

How are you helping to tackle the climate crisis? 

Helping households adapt to a low cost, low carbon lifestyle and extreme weather events that are increasing due to climate change. 

How did you get to where you are now? 

I worked in renewable energy and forestry for two decades. A key role was fundraising for community – owned wind and solar projects where I learnt about marketing and communications. Frustration at Government climate policy moving backwards, led to the creation of One Home to explain what individuals can do themselves to help protect the planet. 

What do you do as part of your role? 

I write and appear in the media frequently to explain climate change impacts but also promote solutions so people can lower their carbon footprints and reduce their energy bills. This includes a weekly Going Green column.  I speak at events, committees, roundtables and conferences to accelerate climate action in organisations. I help to create campaigns to draw attention to crucial issues such as coastal erosion and insulation and work with partners to amplify these messages. 

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I love making a difference to the most important issue humanity faces and I get to work with some truly inspiring and committed people. I also work across many topics so it continues to be fascinating and rewarding work. 

What advice would you give to University of Leeds students wanting to pursue a similar career? 

Meeting people and connecting is very important. Also asking for support when needed. And don’t worry about barriers – find a way round and use your voice. So much of academia is about learning but sharing that knowledge is satisfying and essential. 

Are there any resources that you would recommend to individuals interested in pursuing a climate-related career? 

The climate citizens assembly has great resources on each subject in bitesize videos to watch online but also join your local environmental group. The mixture of local and national topics is fascinating and insightful.