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Is it too late? Climate researchers answer your questions

Since 2019, we have hosted ‘Ask a Climate Researcher’ sessions online and in person at Leeds Youth Strikes for Climate and Global Climate Strikes. Here, we share some of the questions we’ve been asked, along with the answers from our climate experts.

The questions are grouped into three sections. Click on each image below to read more.

See how our climate researchers answer some of your climate questions in our Ask A Climate Researcher video series!


Find out more about the project and climate communication by listening to the ‘Ask A Climate Researcher’ episode of the RGS ‘Ask the Geographer’ podcast.

If you have any other climate change questions you want to be answered by our climate experts, you can email us or use the hashtag #AskAClimateResearcher on social media.  

Ask A Climate Researcher: COP27 Edition

Take a look at our mini-series for COP27!