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Build Back Better

Build Back Better

Leeds researchers have published a range of content about the need to build back better, putting climate action and resilience at the heart of the coronavirus recovery.

COVID-19 could end our dependence on cars

Andrew Brown, Professor of Economics and Political Economy, co-authors this blog about the development of safe and healthy cities following the pandemic.

COVID-19, SMEs and net-zero

Dr Effie Kesidou from the Leeds University Business School outlines what we know about the environmental attitudes and practices of SMEs in the UK and the impact that the COVID-19 crisis has had on these.

New transport guidance for a climate smart COVID-19 recovery

Professor Greg Marsden and Professor Jillian Anable, both from the Institute for Transport Studies, have developed policy briefings outlining practical actions local authorities can take to decarbonise transport.

COVID-19 recovery choices shape future climate

Professor Piers Forster and colleagues published research in Nature Climate Change which suggests that a post-lockdown economic recovery plan that incorporates and emphasises climate-friendly choices could help significantly in the battle against global warming.

Coronavirus shows why we need an economy designed for wellbeing

Dr Lina Brand Correa writes for Climate Home News about a wellbeing economy.

We’re in a real-time laboratory of a more sustainable urban future

Professor Paul Chatterton writes for The Conversation, outlining ten ideas to improve cities after the COVID-19 crisis.

Ten principles for building back better to create wellbeing economies

Dr Milena Buchs and colleagues published a briefing paper outlining examples of inspiring actions around the world that are moving us towards a wellbeing economy, along with examples of actions that are moving us away from that vision.

Using the COVID-19 disruption to address the climate crisis

Professor Andy Challinor, Dhanush Dinesh and colleagues explain how COVID-19 demonstrates that understanding climate change as a further risk factor to food production is now an urgent priority.

Building flexibility into COVID recovery planning

Dr Katy Roelich explores how techniques from decision making under deep uncertainty might help during COVID-19 recovery planning.

Coronavirus: learning for the climate crisis

Professor Piers Forster and Dr Debbie Rosen address the links between the COVID crisis and the climate crisis.

Put climate at the centre of post-coronavirus economic recovery

Dr Paul Brockway and fellow researchers conducted a systematic review which indicates that carbon emissions and GDP are unlikely to decouple enough to rely on green growth to meet climate targets.