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Climate Evidence Unit

The Priestley Centre’s Climate Evidence Unit provides independent evidence to inform the delivery of a climate resilient, decarbonised future. 
In a world awash with news, reviews, and opinion, it’s increasingly tricky to know which sources and outputs you can trust, and which should be taken with a pinch of salt. Incorrect or skewed information can result in errors and confusion. Misinformation or ‘fake news’ can sometimes lead to far more serious consequences.  
Through the Climate Evidence Unit, world-leading experts from the University of Leeds deliver independent insight that you can trust about achieving a resilient, net zero nation. Researchers from across disciplines – from engineering to finance, from health to atmospheric sciencesare brought together by the Climate Evidence Unit to deliver timely and robust evidence that can inform complex decisions.  

Targets for effective climate mitigation governance in the UK

How UK decision makers can ensure that the UK delivers its national and international climate goals