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Arctic Ocean in focus on World Water Day

Centre news

Researchers in the Priestley Centre have been making their contributions to World Water Day 2018 using video and recordings to show how the Arctic Ocean is being affected by climate change.

A short video by Johan Faust of the NERC funded Changing Arctic Ocean Seafloor (ChAOS) project highlights the research into how melting sea ice is affected ecosystems in the seafloor and their potential for carbon storage. The project is part of a suite of related projects investigating the Changing Arctic Ocean.


Meanwhile, Cultural Fellow, artist Kat Austen, who is working across the Cultural Institute and the Priestley Centre, has released a recording of the first movement of her symphony, The Matter of the Soul, created using hacked equipment to record measurements from Arctic waters that are then sonified.

The piece, titled Concentration, premiered at Performance at Spektrum, Berlin on Saturday 3rd March 2018 as part of the Sonic Vibrations series.

The full work will be premiered in Leeds towards the end of the year.