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Decarbonising supply

Supporting the offshore wind industry with geoscience

Professor Dave Hodgson and Dr Natasha Barlow are using expertise in seismic data interpretation and stratigraphy to reduce costs and to improve the lifespan of turbines for the offshore wind industry.

Pioneering bond enables solar panel project

Dr Mark Davis has led research into Community Municipal Bonds, which are now being used by city councils to allow citizens to invest in local solutions to the climate crisis.

Neither coal, nor gas, but hydrogen

Professor Gordon Andrews is trying to enable hydrogen to be used in coal-effect domestic gas fires, to help phase out natural gas.

The heat beneath our feet

Professor Sandra Piazolo and Dr James Van Alstine are exploring whether old mine shafts could be a geothermal heat source.

Bioenergy: turning a pest into energy

Dr Andy Ross is working with an international team of researchers to try and turn water hyacinth from a pest into a source of energy from biomass.

Moving towards carbon-free fuels

Dr Sven Van Loo and Dr Junfeng Yang are studying the properties of ammonia aerosol combustion to provide critical insights to underpin the development of ammonia as a carbon-free fuel.