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Arctic Haze: sources and characteristics

Tuesday 13 March 2018, 14:00 - 15:00
SEE seminar rooms 8.119
Andreas Stohl, Norwegian Institute for Air Research
ICAS External seminar


The Arctic is a remote area and relatively clean. Nevertheless, it can at times be polluted and characterized by high aerosol concentrations. This talk will discuss the sources of the aerosol both during the polluted Arctic Haze period as well as during the cleaner period in summer. Special attention will be given to absorbing aerosols such as dust and black carbon and source types that have traditionally not be considered such as boreal biomass burning, gas flaring, or high-latitude dust sources.


Andreas Stohl is senior scientist at NILU and his name is on the top of the recent Thomson Reuters-list, nominating the scientists whose papers have been cited most in the period between 2002-2012. In the category of Geosciences, Stohl is listed with 262 publications.