Perspectives on climate research across disciplinary boundaries

The Priestley Centre's Climate Exchange series is an interdisciplinary seminar series that encourages members of the Priestley International Centre for Climate to share their research and network in a lunchtime session.

Each Climate Exchange will consist of:

• a 20 mins climate related research talk accessible to researchers from any discipline;
• insights into working across disciplinary boundaries;
• an update on Priestley Centre news, events and opportunities;
• plenty of time for networking with potential collaborators outside of your school.

All this and you'll be back in your office within the hour. Do feel free to bring your lunch along.

Wednesday 29 March 13.00-14.00

Dr Viktoria Spaiser (UAF, School of Politics and International Studies) presents a Climate Exchange interdisciplinary seminar with LSSI


Slides are available for Dr Eva Heinen's Climate Exchange presentation on 16 February 2107 here

Slides are available of Professor Andy Challinor's Climate Exchange seminar (19 January 2017) here

Slides are available of Rolf Crook's Climate Exchange seminar (30 November 2016) here

Slides are available of Dr Andrea Taylor's Climate Exchange seminar (9 November 2016) here

What topics would you like to discuss? Would you like to present or suggest a speaker? Let us know how you would like to contribute to the Climate Exchange. Please get in touch