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Climate change posters

Human activities have caused an increase of 1°C on the global mean surface temperature since pre-industrial times. This unprecedented global warming puts ecosystems and human population at risk, forcing them to take fast action to adapt to climate change.

From more frequent rainfall and temperature extremes, to biodiversity loss and sea level rise, the impacts are varied and not everyone will be affected in the same way. However, the number of people exposed to climate change is increasingly rapidly, as is their level of vulnerability.

The good news is that despite being the cause of the problem, we are also an essential part of the solution.  We have the opportunity to shape the future we want to live in and act to avoid further levels of global warming that would cause irreversible impacts on nature and society.

These posters are designed for primary and secondary schools and field study centres. They illustrate a few examples of climate change impacts at different levels of global mean temperature change: our current climate, +1.5°C, +2°C, +3°C and +4°C.  We also show examples of individual actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.