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Leeds chemist wins prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry Award

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Professor Martyn Chipperfield, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of Leeds, is the Royal Society of Chemistry John Jeyes Award winner for 2018.

Professor Chipperfield, who is also Director of the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric  Science (ICAS), builds computer models of atmospheric chemistry and applies these to global pollution issues such as depletion of the ozone layer, climate change and degradation in surface air quality.

It is important to understand these changes in order to predict future evolution of the atmosphere in response to policy decisions.

He said:  “I am extremely happy and honoured to receive this award from the Royal Society of Chemistry.”

Professor Martyn Chipperfield, recipient of the 2018 John Jeyes Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry

The John Jeyes Award is given for significant contributions to our understanding of atmospheric chemistry and processes governing its change. Professor Chipperfield receives £2,000 and a medal, and will complete a UK lecture tour.

Dr Robert Parker, chief executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry said: “The chemical sciences are vital for the wellbeing of our world and chemical scientists help to change people’s lives for the better.

“Our winners are recognised for the originality and impact of their research, or for their contributions to the chemical sciences industry or chemistry education. The Awards also acknowledge the importance of teamwork across the chemical sciences, and the abilities of individuals to develop successful collaborations.”

The Royal Society of Chemistry is the UK’s professional body for chemical scientists and the world’s leading chemistry community, advancing excellence in the chemical sciences.