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Larsen C calving is third biggest science story pick of 2107

In the media

Groundbreaking Larsen C ice shelf research by Dr Adam Booth and other Priestley Centre scientists from the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds has been ranked number 3 in Science News’ top 10 science stories of 2017.

The story, described as “an opportunity to make scientific headway”, is enthusiastically introduced by Macon Morehouse, News Director of ScienceNews.

“Teams racing to Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf will have an unprecedented chance to collect real-time data on how the remaining ice reacts and to reveal secrets of a long-hidden ecosystem. Building on those advances, as well as others described in our Top 10 picks, will fuel “aha!” moments — both revolutionary and incremental — well into the future.”

The progress of the ice shelf’s calving was closely monitored by satellite by Dr Anna Hogg and Dr Andy Shepherd of ICAS, generating considerable media coverage in July 2017.