Climate Plan Student Challenge 2022

Do you have an idea that can address climate change at the University of Leeds? Take part in the Climate Plan Student Challenge!

What is the Climate Plan Student Challenge?

The University of Leeds Climate Plan sets out how the University will play a part in the global efforts to tackle the climate crisis, including an ambitious target of delivering net zero by 2030. The road laid out by our Climate Plan will be a challenging one and will require us to explore and embrace new ways of doing things, which is why we need you!

The Climate Plan Student Challenge invites students from across the University of Leeds to submit their ideas that will contribute to achieving net zero as an institution. Three winning ideas will receive support for trials on campus.

Your idea could focus on energy, food, travel, carbon removal, or another area of climate action. It might be a technical solution, or it could focus on behaviour change.

Watch the recording of our webinar – The University of Leeds Climate Plan and You – to learn more about the University’s commitments and approach to delivering net zero by 2030.

What we’re looking for

Winning entries will meet several of the following criteria:

  • Using campus as a canvas – your project should focus on the University campus (or on the wider University of Leeds estate). It may take the form of a living lab project by trialling a solution on campus and learning whilst doing.
  • Alignment with the Climate Plan – your project proposal should showcase your understanding of the Climate Plan and outline the impacts that your project will have in the context of its commitments.
  • Practicality – your idea should be feasible to implement at the University of Leeds within the next twelve months.
  • Scale – winning ideas will have the potential to have a significant impact in terms of achieving net zero across the institution, and even across other higher education institutions.

The prize

Entries will be judged by a panel of University of Leeds climate experts. The winning entry will be submitted to The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Challenge with a chance to receive £5k, £10k or £15k of funding to trial and implement the idea between July and December 2022. Two runner-up entries will receive support from University of Leeds staff to establish pilot projects.

Who can take part?

Any student or student group at the University of Leeds can submit their idea. You are welcome to submit more than one idea if you wish.

How to apply

To submit your idea, complete this form by 17:00 on 27 May 2022.

Winners will be notified by 6 June 2022.