The Priestley International Centre for Climate  is unique in bringing together world leading expertise in all the key strands of climate change research.

Climate change and its impact on society and ecosystems is a global challenge and the centre aims to provide international solutions to the problems. Effective policy and solutions need to be underpinned by robust research and the Priestley Centre’s focus is on new interdisciplinary research partnerships that better link our physical, technological, economic and social understanding of climate change with strategies for mitigation and adaptation.

The Priestley International Centre for Climate is one of the university’s flagship strategic investments in response to the global challenge of climate change, with £6.82 million invested in it over five years.  The centre is currently a virtual one, with a new dedicated building space due to open in 2018. It was set up in late 2015 and will launch formally on 14 June 2016.  The centre comprises:

  • New chair appointments (currently recruiting)
  • Up to seven annual appointments of prestigious University Academic Fellowships (currently recruiting)
  • Up to nine annual full time PhD studentships (EU only at present)
  • Two full time centre support staff in Research and Innovation and Communications.

The centre is named after Joseph Priestley (1733-1804), a British natural philosopher credited with the discovery of oxygen, worked in Leeds from 1767-1773. While at Leeds he experimented with carbon dioxide (CO2) from a local brewery, work which won him the Royal Society Copley Medal. Today his work feeds into models of how oceans are acting as sinks for CO2.