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Priestley professors in Durban for IPCC Sixth Assessment Report author meeting


Professor Lea Berrang Ford, Priestley Chair in Climate and Health,  and Professor Lindsay Stringer, Professor in Environment and Development at the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds, are in Durban, South Africa attending the IPCC Working Group II’s First Authors’ meeting.

Lindsay Stringer is a lead author for Chapter 8: Poverty, livelihoods and sustainable development and Lea Berrang Ford is lead author for Chapter 16: Key risks across sectors and regions.

Discussions this week have focussed on fleshing out the structure of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report, exploring links between the various chapters and the other special reports currently being developed by the world’s leading climate scientists.

This first meeting of authors working on the Sixth Assessment Report comes soon after the release of the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5C, which warned of the increased risks of going above a 1.5 temperature rise and the narrow window – less than 12 years – for reducing emissions by almost half, necessary to being on a 1.5C pathway.

This IPCC meeting includes more female authors than ever before, as well as greater numbers of scientists that are new to the IPCC process.