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New Priestley film showcases climate solutions

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A new film by the Priestley International Centre for Climate demonstrates the value to University of Leeds researchers of working together across disciplines on climate solutions.

The film, made by Limehouse TV, features four researchers from different areas of the University, working in sustainability, marine biology, geography and atmospheric science. All talk enthusiastically about the opportunities for collaboration and cross-disciplinary fertilization of ideas provided by the Priestley Centre.

The researchers profiled in the film are: Dr Kate ScottĀ  (Research Fellow, Sustainability Research Institute), Prof James Ford (Priestley Chair in Climate Change Adaptation), Dr Maria Beger (University Academic Fellow in Marine Conservation Science) and Prof Andy Challinor (Professor Climate Impacts, School of Earth and Environment).

The Priestley International Centre for Climate delivers research to underpin robust and timely climate solutions and the film illustrates how each of the researchers is doing work that provides practical benefits to stakeholders and communities, as well as working directly with industry and policymakers.

The film also highlights the range of the Priestley Centre’s work on climate solutions, from understanding how Inuit people in the Arctic are being impacted by climate change to coral reef management and conservation.