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Unfrozen: reports from the ice

Friday 19 October 2018, 12.30 - 13.30
Howard Assembly Room 46 New Briggate Leeds LS1 6NU
Public lecture

What is happening to the world’s ice? Rising temperatures are causing rapid melting in the Arctic and Greenland, parts of the Barents Sea had no sea ice this summer and new reports show that underwater melt-off in the Antarctic is doubling every 20 years, with significant implications for sea level rise.

University of Leeds scientists working in the field and scientists based at the Rothera research station in Antarctica describe the changes they have witnessed through their research in this lunchtime lecture at Opera North’s Howard Assembly Room for Green Great Britain Week.

The speakers from the Priestley Centre at Leeds are Dr Christian Maerz of the NERC Changing Arctic Ocean Seafloor (ChAOS) project and Dr Jenine McCutcheon of the NERC Black and Bloom project.

We will also have a live link up with the British Antarctic Survey research station in Rothera, Antarctica, and will be talking to Dr Blair Fyffe and Thomas Lawford, field guides at the station, who assist scientific colleagues carrying out research in the polar environment.

The Chair is Dr Jim McQuaid, Associate Professor of Atmospheric Composition, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds

The short talks, which are are aimed at a general audience, will include a chance to ask questions and we will wrap up in under an hour. You may bring your lunch in with you for this event.

The event is free but please register to attend.

This event will also be livestreamed via the University of Leeds YouTube channel.

Unfrozen is presented by the Priestley International Centre for Climate and the NERC Changing Arctic Ocean project with grateful thanks to the Howard Assembly Room and Opera North.