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No nation is an island: international dimensions of the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017

Thursday 19 January 2017, 11.00am-12 noon
Baines Wing SR 1.13
Professor Andy Challinor (School of Earth and Environment)
Climate Exchange interdisciplinary seminar


What are the main risks posed by climate change to the UK? Flooding? Heatwaves? Surely we’ll all get enough to eat? This talk will present the main findings of the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017, so you can expect answers to these questions. More importantly, though, the talk will describe how the most important aspects of climate change are to do with the mechanisms through which risk is transmitted. Ultimately, it’s people, not the laws of nature, that will determine how vulnerable we are to climate change.

Read more about the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 here.


Andy Challinor is a Professor of Climate Impacts at the University of Leeds. He began his research career with a PhD at the University of Leeds on boundary layer flow through forests. He then spent some years at the University of Reading, conducting postdoctoral research on the impacts of climate variability and change on food crops. He returned to the University of Leeds in 2007 to take up a lectureship and initiate and lead the Climate Impacts group. Andy led the NERC consortium End-to-end quantification of uncertainty for impacts prediction (EQUIP) and leads flagship work on Climate Smart Agriculture for Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). He was lead author on the “Food Production Systems and Food Security” chapter of the Fifth Assessment report of the IPCC and lead author for the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017.

Directions: From the main entrance of the Baines Wing, go straight on past the front desk, turn right and first left. Take the lift or stairs to the first floor. On coming out of the lift/stairs, turn left, room 1.13 is a little further along the corridor on your right. (Directions and map for the Baines Wing here)