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Net-Zero Research Forum: Studying a university’s transition to net-zero

Tuesday 21 April 2020, 12:30 - 13:30

How can Leeds research help society transition rapidly to net-zero?

This event is the first in a series of Net-Zero Research Forums – informal webinars to discuss research and innovation ideas focused on achieving net-zero emissions. Researchers from different disciplines will present ideas and provocative questions to stimulate debate and creativity. All are welcome to collaborate on this pressing global challenge.

This webinar, ‘Studying a university’s transition to net-zero’, will feature a presentation by:

  • Dr Katy Roelich, Associate Professor in the School of Earth and Environment and School of Civil Engineering
  • Professor Anna Mdee, Professor in the Politics of Global Development from the School of Politics and International Studies

Dr Roelich and Professor Mdee will present their ongoing research project studying the start of the net-zero transition at the University of Leeds. In September, the University announced seven principles to tackle the climate crisis, including an institutional net-zero target of 2030. Since then, staff have been working to put these principles into action, which Dr Roelich and Professor Mdee have been closely following.

Institutional change does not happen overnight, and it involves multiple actors and decision makers working together through uncertainties. We’ll hear initial findings from Dr Roelich and Professor Mdee’s research about how institutional change happens, and have time to discuss future ideas for research around net-zero transitions.

Professor Piers Forster, Director of the Priestley Centre, will introduce the event.

This event is for University of Leeds staff and students and is part of the University’s Interdisciplinary Research Development Programme.

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