Climate-Smart Change? Lessons from working with governments, NGOs and farmers on scaling up productive, resilient and low-emission agriculture in Africa under CCAFS

  • Date:
  • Location: Roger Stevens Lecture Theatre 15 / webinar facilities available
  • Time: 13:00 - 14:30
  • Venue: Roger Stevens Lecture Theatre 15 / webinar facilities available
  • Speaker: Dr Todd Rosenstock (Senior Agriculture & Environmental Scientist)
  • Speaker: Dr Christine Lamanna (Climate-change Ecologist & Decision Analyst), World Agroforestry Centre

GCRF-AFRICAP knowledge-sharing seminar

Todd and Christine work on ICRAF’s Thematic Research Area Land Health Decisions (LHD), an interdisciplinary team including a diverse range of expertise from soil to decision science. Their seminar/webinar will examine mainstreaming climate-smart agriculture (CSA) in sub-Saharan Africa by a) showcasing experiences of conducting and disseminating CSA research in Africa and b) presenting the team’s flagship knowledge product, the CSA Compendium, a meta-dataset compiled to explore questions around the ‘climate-smartness’ of agricultural technologies

This event is open to all as part of a two day pump-priming visit to spur collaborations between the University of Leeds and ICRAF on CSA. For further information, contact  Please register here