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Climate Impact and Risk Assessment National Meeting

Wednesday 11 - Thursday 12 September, 2019
University of Leeds

This meeting will be a platform for the UK climate impacts and resilience communities to come together and hear about the latest research for a wide range of global climate impacts, including for use in risk assessments. It builds on the success of the first meeting in Bristol, by having themes that focus on key methodological issues and current assessments, notably the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) AR6 report, and the 3rd UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3).

This year, we broaden our base by inviting the resilience community to join in sharing the wide range of science performed in the UK, and discuss synergies. The meeting scope is similar to that of the IPCC Working Group II, and includes (but is not limited to), the following sectors: agriculture, land use/change, hydrology, health, extreme weather, energy and economy. Research can be global in nature, or specific to a certain region, but does not have to be related to the UK.

Each session will be made up one invited talk and submitted talks by members of the community. There will also be time for discussion on a) how the community can respond to the changing UK funding situation, b) how the community may contribute in a consolidated way to IPCC AR6 and CCRA3. This event is open to UK-based academics and professionals/private sector.

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Contact for meeting details: (Louise Beveridge – University of Leeds)