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A Hostile Climate? Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Climate Change

Monday 8 April 2019
Stage@Leeds, University of Leeds

How can we implement significant change, in industry, lifestyles, and society at large in order to apprehend or prepare for its effects on those most at risk?

This one-day conference, held at The University of Leeds, will interrogate and respond to the meaning of ‘hostile climates’ in diverse and receptive ways, hearing from PGR/ECR scholars across the humanities, sciences and beyond contribute to engaging discussion on the topic. The conference also includes an exhibition of works from several artists.

Themes include:
• The risks of climate change for those living on the margins of society
• How technology, entrepreneurship and science could provide benefits for humanity in a climate-changed world
• New developments in climate change research: who or what is at the cutting edge in your field?
• Understanding and responding to climatechanged environments through music, art and performance.

The keynote speakers for this conference are Prof. Julie Doyle, Professor of climate communication at the University of Brighton, and Dr David Higgins, Associate Professor at the University of Leeds who specialises in the environmental humanities

Tickets are £15, which includes lunch, tea and coffee. Book here.

For more information, please visit the conference website

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