Priestley Society

Introducing the Priestley Society

One of the intrinsic parts of the Priestley International Centre for Climate, the Priestley Society plays a key role in encouraging cross-departmental collaborations by organising social events, bespoke training courses, seminars and Society meetings for research discussion and support.

The Priestley Society is self-organising and open to any Priestley Centre member to join. It offers lively and stimulating events and is a way of meeting researchers doing climate-related work from the full range of disciplines across the University. It is likely to be especially useful to PhD students and early career academics but we encourage all Priestley Centre members to get involved and support it.

The Priestley Society is supported by an academic from the Priestley Centre’s management group, Dr Sarah Batterman, and Priestley Centre staff Kate Lock (Communications Officer) and Kath Tattersall (Centre Administrator).

Core team

Rachel Harcourt announcing the launch of the Priestley Society

The Society’s formation was announced at the Priestley Centre’s Annual Event in June 2017.  A core organising team of four was appointed. They are:

Rachel Harcourt (Sustainability Research Institute/Leeds University Business School)

Clare Martynski  (School of Performance and Cultural Studies)

Dr Adriane Esquivel Muelbert (School of Geography)

Ioannis Droutsas  (School of Earth and Environment)

Society clubs and events

The Priestley Society runs clubs, meetings and events, including a regular Climate in the News group that reviews climate related news stories, a Cli-Fi Book Club, socials and informative seminars. For details, see Activities

Join the Priestley Society

To join the Priestley Society you must be involved in doing climate related research at the University of Leeds. Society members must be members of the Priestley International Centre for Climate. When you join the Priestley Centre, you will be offered the option to join the Priestley Society on the membership form. If you are an existing Priestley Centre member and did not opt in at the time but would like to join the Society, email and we will update our records.

Contact Us

To find out more about the Priestley Society, email: