Priestley PhD Scholarships 2020

The Priestley International Centre for Climate invites University of Leeds academics to submit project proposals for the fifth (and final) cohort of the Priestley PhD scholarships starting in October 2020.

Projects should use interdisciplinary climate related research to support the Priestley Centre’s vision to deliver research to underpin robust and timely climate solutions. Proposals must involve co-supervisors from at least two schools and, where appropriate, cross-faculty collaborations are encouraged. Preference will be given to projects involving academics who have not previously supervised a PhD funded by a Priestley scholarship.

The Priestley Centre has identified a number of strategic research areas for growth and we encourage proposals in the following areas (however these should not be seen as exclusive):

Criteria for assessing project proposals

  1. Fit to the Priestley Centre’s vision to deliver research to underpin robust and timely climate solutions
  2. Potential to develop or cement interdisciplinary collaborations
  3. Potential to grow strategic or new research areas
  4. Potential to deliver high quality research outputs

We intend to advertise up to 12 projects and award 3 scholarships. Scholarship awards will be made based on a combination of the highest calibre students and projects of highest strategic value (based on the criteria above). Applicants will be assessed by a panel made up Priestley Centre Management Committee members who will take into account recommendations from the proposing supervisory team as to the calibre of the student.

These scholarships are available to UK/EU students and provide a stipend at the current UKRI recommended rate and Research, Travel and Study Grant of £750 per annum for three years. The Priestley PhD scholarships are funded by a 50% contribution from central strategic funding with the remaining 50% split between the co-supervising schools. Therefore prior to advertising projects we will seek commitment in principle for the relevant heads of school to support co-funding. The School of Geography will not be able to support the matched funding requirements and therefore academic supervisors from Geography will need to identify alternative funding sources for their contributions.


Please submit project ideas by 25 November at 12:00 to using this form.

Please contact if you have any queries.


Image: Claire Cooper (standing), Priestley PhD researcher studying Volcanology, retrieving Icelandic lake core samples