Climate Scholars 2020 cohort: applications open

The Priestley Climate Scholars programme is limited to a maximum of 10 new postgraduate students per year (20 scholars in total), and requires commitment and engagement to benefit from leadership, engagement, and development opportunities. Scholars will be expected to commit to attending training events and activities regularly, and will be expected to engage in leadership and engagement activities.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Registered as a postgraduate researcher (PGR) programme at the University of Leeds.
  • Commitment to inclusion of a strong climate focus within doctoral research project.
  • Commitment to interdisciplinary climate research, including engagement with natural and social sciences and humanities perspectives and training.
  • Commitment to attend regular (~ biweekly) meetings, seminars, and/or training events. Applicants should not have regular scheduling commitments or conflicts on Wednesdays from 2:00-3:30pm when scholars activities are typically scheduled.
  • Support from doctoral supervisors to participate in the scholars programme.
  • Interest in participating in leadership and engagement activities such as helping to facilitate climate research seminars and training.


How to apply

Membership to Priestley Climate Scholars is competitive. Applicants must submit a self-nomination package that includes: (1) a statement of research and description of how it relates to climate ( no more than 250 words); (2) a description of how they envision their contribution to the group, including evidence of extra-curricular activities or previous experiences that demonstrate their leadership and initiative (250 words), and; (3) confirmation from your supervisor(s) that they support your application (a short email of confirmation from one supervisor is acceptable; formal letters of support are not required). You may also attach a CV.

Application deadline: 17:00 on Friday 13 December 2019

Attach your application documents to a covering email headed “Priestley Climate Scholars” and send to

For further information, contact