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Early investment in skills is essential for decarbonisation


Timely investment in skills is key to successful decarbonisation, according to a recent study undertaken by Leeds University Business School for the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission.

It also found that though involving workers in the early stages of decarbonisation programmes requires more complex engagement, it is essential for a fair green transition.

Dr Jo Cutter and Professor Vera Trappmann from the Business School’s Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change (CERIC) led the research, working closely with unions and business leaders from regional carbon-intensive sectors.

The project was designed to inform policymaking for building a regional ‘just transition’ – securing workers’ rights and livelihoods in the shift to a green economy.

A survey of 2000 UK workers gathered data on the skills, employment and re-deployment needs facing workplaces implementing low-carbon transition plans.

These findings have particular relevance to policymakers, business and trade unions. Though the report study has a core focus on the Yorkshire and the Humber (Y&H) region, it contains interesting lessons for anyone working on the question of employment and skills in the green transition.

Read the full report: Worker perceptions of climate change and the green transition in Yorkshire and the Humber: Building the evidence base for the just transition in the region