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The listings below are for climate-related events across the University of Leeds.

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Decolonising Gender and Climate Change: Women and Indigenous Knowledge


Hear about the experiences of women in West Java and indigenous people in Papua, Indonesia, as they navigate political and historical environmental injustices. Speakers: Ratnasari (Researcher at CIFOR-ICRAF, Indonesia) Els Tieneke Rieke Katmo (Lecturer at Papua University, Indonesia) Moderator: Andi Misbahul Pratiwi (PhD Student, University of Leeds)

From COP27 to COP28: What went well, what went badly and what comes next?


COP27, the annual United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, took place in November 2022. Thousands of delegates gathered in the Egyptian city of Sharm El-Sheikh to discuss action on climate change. The delegates have now returned to their home countries and organisations, bringing with them the final outcomes of the negotiations. Now it is...

Insights from psychology for climate change communications


Climate scientists have long been warning that climate change will bring more frequent severe weather events around the world. International organizations such as the IPCC, United Nations Foundation and others face the challenge of communicating about climate scientists’ projections with policy makers, practitioners and members of the general public who don’t have a background in...

Open Research for Climate Action


Science shows that humans have had an unequivocal influence on the climate, warming our atmosphere, ocean and land. The need for widespread and well-informed climate action has never been greater. Such action is needed across all parts of society, including within and outside of academia. Moving towards open climate research within academia encourages maximum impact...

Engaging with UK Parliament: focus on climate and environmental research


Research and evidence have a crucial role to play in making and scrutinising policy. As the use of evidence-informed policy making has increased following the pandemic, the demand for high quality and relevant research to inform decisions continues to grow.   But what is the best way to go about sharing your research with UK Parliament?...