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The listings below are for climate-related events across the University of Leeds.

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Permacrisis?: Assessing the politics of crisis across the spheres of climate, democracy, and the new nuclear age


We find ourselves at the intersection of multiple crises – of man-made changes to the climate, the threat of nuclear war, and a representative democracy with which many citizens feel dissatisfied. These interlinked crises intensify each other through the creation and exploitation, both real and perceived, of uncertainty. Our panellists each explore a sphere of...

University of Leeds at COP28: Meet the delegation


At the end of November all eyes will turn to Dubai, as the United Arab Emirates will be host to COP28. The annual United Nations climate negotiations will see people from across the world gather to discuss and demand action on climate change. Hundreds presidents and prime ministers will be joined by thousands of delegates...

Climate Activism – Does It Make a Difference?


As the impacts of climate change become ever more evident around the world, increasing numbers of people are choosing to take action. For many, this might include joining international movements, activist groups or direct action campaigns such as Fridays for Future and Just Stop Oil. But to what extent is climate activism effective in creating...

Nature Portfolio: Publishing in High Impact Journals


Bronwyn Wake, Chief Editor of Nature Climate Change will present on the Nature Portfolio journals. Choosing the right journal to submit your work to can be difficult if you aren’t sure what criteria will be applied in assessing its suitability. Bronwyn Wake, Chief Editor of Nature Climate Change will present on the Nature Portfolio journals...



In the last two decades the rate at which the polar ice caps is melting has doubled. MELTWATER is an audio-visual performance which takes as its inspiration the sights and sounds of that melting, from running streams to crashing ice. In this haunting performance, that awesome beauty is set against water’s devastating power through personal narratives...