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Open Research for Climate Action

Monday 13 March 2023, 13:00 - 14:00
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Science shows that humans have had an unequivocal influence on the climate, warming our atmosphere, ocean and land. The need for widespread and well-informed climate action has never been greater.

Such action is needed across all parts of society, including within and outside of academia. Moving towards open climate research within academia encourages maximum impact outside of academia, including in communities that are most affected.

In this Open Lunch we will hear from three speakers about their open research practices in climate-related research. Following introductions from each of the speakers, there will be an interactive discussion around the importance of open research for climate action.

This event is open to all, whether or not they are affiliated with the University of Leeds.

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Dr Desy Ayu Pirmasari, Research Fellow for Gender, Generation and Climate Change (GENERATE) Desy PIRMASARI | Research Fellow | Doctor of Philosophy | University of ...

Dr Chris Smith, NERC-IIASA Collaborative Research Fellow Chris Smith, University of Leeds

Dr Bianca van Bavel, Research Fellow in Climate Change and Health Bianca van Bavel - Priestley International Centre for Climate