Climate Plan Research Partnership Committee


Are you interested in helping the University of Leeds deliver its climate ambitions? The Priestley Centre is looking for staff with relevant expertise to join the Climate Plan Research Partnership Committee which will provide ad hoc expert advice to the Climate Plan delivery team and support the Climate Plan annual review. 

Full details and information about how to apply are below. The deadline for applications is 12:00 on 26 September 2022. 

Please note that there will also be a chance to comment on the Climate Plan annual report through the public consultation process that will be open towards the end of October 2022.  

The Climate Plan

In 2019 the University of Leeds agreed seven principles to address the climate crisis. In November 2021, the Climate Plan, which sets out how we will deliver on these principles, was approved by the University’s governing body representing the single biggest investment the University has ever made: £174 million over the next decade. 

In announcing the Climate Plan, the University committed to an annual review led by the Priestley International Centre for Climate and drawing on the expertise of the University community. This process will help to ensure the Climate Plan delivery stays true to its original aims, remains ambitious and takes advantage of the developments in social and technical solutions.  

As part of this process, a Climate Plan Research Partnership Committee is being established to provide ad hoc expert advice to support developments in the delivery programme, lead the process for annual review and help to support engagement from the broad University of Leeds community. The Priestley Centre is now seeking applications from University of Leeds staff to join this committee.  

The Climate Plan Research Partnership Committee

Development of the University’s Climate Plan drew on input from academics, professional services staff, students, and the University’s broader community of stakeholders. It is important that we sustain this academic-led collaboration to harness the specialist technical expertise of our academic researchers; identify and exploit opportunities to collaborate with other institutions; ensure the delivery of the Climate Plan supports teaching and research opportunities; and that it is delivered justly using learnings to support wider city, national and global climate action whilst ensuring the programme delivery stays true to our original aims.  

The Climate Research Partnership Committee is being established with two principle aims:

  • Influence decision-making for initiatives which will materially impact our emission reductions or represent a significant deviation from the University’s Climate Plan delivery programme.  
  • Undertake the annual review of the Climate Plan delivery and support the implementation of any recommendations from this review.  

The Climate Plan Research Partnership Committee will be coordinated by the Priestley Centre and led by Professor Piers Forster, Director of the Priestley Centre. The committee will be made up of ~7 members (joined by one external member) and we are seeking to recruit University of Leeds staff with a range of expertise, disciplinary backgrounds, and career stages in the following broad areas: 

  • Behaviour change and just transitions; 
  • Finance and responsible investment; 
  • Technology and innovation; 
  • Institutional decision making; 
  • Adaptation and resilience. 

Committee members will also be asked to consider the following cross-cutting areas in their work: education and teaching; partnership and stakeholder engagement; re-orientation of research and teaching; and using our campus as a living laboratory. 

The role committee members will be to: 

  • Use their subject area expertise to support feedback on ad hoc requests from the Climate Plan programme delivery team and lead the annual review of the Climate Plan.  
  • Seek the views of colleagues outside the committee to provide expertise that will support feedback and review. 
  • Help to identify opportunities to collaborate with other organisations. 
  • Help to identify opportunities for research and education as part of Climate Plan delivery (this includes, but isn’t limited to, Living Lab opportunities). 

For those who join the committee, this is an opportunity to influence the direction of the University in delivering on its climate commitments; to learn about the practicalities of delivering on net zero targets in a complex organisation; and to gain experience in the leadership of a consultative review process.  

The committee will meet annually to undertake the Climate Plan review. This meeting will take place in person (on campus) over a period of 2 days. Ad hoc requests for feedback will be dealt with electronically or through virtual meetings of committee members with expertise relevant to the request where necessary. The anticipated time commitment from committee members is 10 working days per annum and permission must be sought from the relevant Head of School or line manager. 

The committee will be in place for the duration of the Climate Plan delivery programme – up to 2030. Our preference is for each member to commit to two review cycles but we appreciate that this may not always be possible, and we value a diverse group over longevity. 

Applications for committee members

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Climate Plan Research Partnership Committee please complete this short application form by 12:00 on 26 September 2022. We plan to share the outcome in the week commencing 3 October 2022 and will form the committee to deliver the first annual review process with the following estimated timeline: 

  • Climate Plan annual report published – w/c 17 October 2022
  • Public consultation and review of the report by Climate Plan Research Partnership Committee – complete by w/c 7 November 2022
  • Annual review meeting – w/c 21 November 2022
  • Report prepared by Climate Plan Research Partnership Committee – complete by w/c 5 December 2022

 If you have any questions please contact