Our vision

The Priestley Centre will promote interdisciplinary research of the highest standard on climate change and its impact on nature and society.

To this end, the Priestley Centre will:

  • Provide a research platform that exploits expertise across laboratory measurements, fieldwork, satellite remote sensing, modelling and social science to produce timely solution-driven research outputs and impact.
  • Encourage collaborative climate-related research across the physical and social sciences cross-campus and with international colleagues.
  • Promote knowledge and training in climate related research.
  • Act as an integrator of existing centres and institutes to provide a unique identifier/branding for research on climate change.
  • Attract, maintain and mentor the highest calibre staff, and doctoral and post-graduate students.
  • Be a recognised international authority of leading policy relevant information on climate change for a broad range of stakeholders including UK Government departments, the United Nations, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, private companies and the global public.

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