NameSchoolJob titleResearch Area
Pepa Ambrose-AlbalaEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowAdaptation to climate change; perception of climate change risk; change towards sustainability, pro-environmental behaviours and resilience; indigenous peoples and climate change adaptation
Louise AndersonBiologyPhD studentEcological and human management responses to climate change in coral reef ecosystems. Fostering climate resilience on coral reefs.
Christina AndreadouSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD Researcher (CDT Bioenergy)Bioenergy; Biomass; Waste to energy; Life cycle analysis; climate change mitigation; climate change; 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation biofuels
Andreas AndreouSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD StudentClimate change impacts on energy systems, energy systems modelling and climate change mitigation
Gordon AndrewsSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringProfessor of Combustion EngineeringBiofuels, biomass and biocoal
Marie ArnaudSchool of GeographyPhD studentThe belowground carbon and hydrological dynamics of natural and restored mangrove forest
Steve ArnoldSchool of Earth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor of Atmospheric CompositionProcessing and transport of trace gases and aerosols in the atmosphere; Earth's biosphere & climate system
Karen BaconSchool of GeographyLecturer in Ecology and Global ChangePalaeobotany to present day plant ecology, plant biology, geology and geochemistry
Jessica BakerSchool of GeographyPhD StudentDrivers of changes in the Amazon hydrological cycle, reconstructing Amazon climate from tree ring isotopes
Mustafa BakrElectronic and Electrical EngineeringVisiting ResearcherRenewable energy: wind turbines; power electronics; smart cities; internet of things
Catherine BaleSchool of Earth and EnvironmentUniversity Academic FellowComplexity science modelling, energy, technology-policy interface, city-level energy decision-making
Steven BanwartSchool of Earth and EnvironmentIntegrating Chair in Soil / Agriculture / Water ResearchReactive processes in soil and groundwater, Earth’s Critical Zone
Will BarkerGeographyPhD studentTropical ecology, nutrient cycling, biotic interactions and carbon sequestration
Natasha BarlowSchool of Earth and EnvironmentUniversity Academic FellowSea-level changes over a range of timescales
David BarnsSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD ResearcherRenewable energy, low carbon heat, the decarbonisation of cities, future sustainable energy system, complexity of the energy system
John BarrettSchool of Earth and EnvironmentProfessor of Energy and Climate PolicyEnergy demand, sustainability, economic growth, carbon accounting
Laura BatesLeeds Institute of Health SciencesResearch FellowClimate change and public health
Sarah BattermanSchool of Earth and EnvironmentIndependent Research FellowTerrestrial carbon storage; nutrient limitation, biodiversity, herbivores and land use; food, biofuels and carbon storage
Maria BegerSchool of BiologyUniversity Academic FellowMarine ecology and conservation science; integrating field data, spatial models and decision science
Ajay Gajanan BhaveSchool of Earth and EnvironmentResearch FellowClimate change adaptation; Water resources; Decision making under uncertainty
Amy BennettSchool of GeographyPostgraduate researcherImpacts of the 2015/2016 El Nino on tropical forests
Lea Berrang FordLeeds Institute of Health Sciences/School of Earth and EnvironmentPriestley Chair Climate and Health
Hannah BirchSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD Researcher -EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (Bioenergy)Impacts of Biomass use and associated land use change in tea/coffee growing regions, with focus upon climate change implications
Richard BirleySchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD studentThe reduction of NOx in large scale power production; Reduction of SO2 and CO2
Tom BlissSchool of Earth and EnvironmentCo-ordinatorUrban futures
Graham BousteadSchool of ChemistryPhD ResearcherProduction of tropospheric species, production of nitrous acid on the surface of aerosols
Douglas BraySchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD studentCultivation of algae for use in bioremediation and development of carbon neutral biofuels. Developing a waste management structure for LEDCs
Roel BrienenSchool of GeographyLecturerEcosystem functioning;interactions between ecology and environment; impact of climate on tropical forests
Aaron BrownSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD Student (Bioenergy CDT)Utilisation of bioenergy through anaerobic digestion
Marta Bruno SoaresSchool of Earth and EnvironmentMet Office University Academic FellowSocial sciences of climate services; Usability of climate information; Science-policy interface; Vulnerability assessment and adaptation
Lukas BunseSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD StudentMacroeconomic impacts of energy demand reduction
Jonathan BuschSchool of Earth and EnvironmentResearch FellowLow carbon infrastructure transitions, business models and socio-technical systems modelling
James CantBiologyPhD studentThe response of Coral community demographics to changing climates and bio-geographical variability
Michael CardwellSchool of LawProfessor of Agricultural LawAgriculture and the environment including Agricultural law, policy, holdings and world trade
Aaron CarvellSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD StudentBioenergy, providing biomass based sustainable solutions to energy needs
Andreas ChrysanthouSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherAtmospheric Physics, climate modelling, climate dynamics, atmospheric chemistry.
Jo ClarkeBiologyResearch and Teaching Fellow in Quatitative Marine Spatial ConservationTo apply quantitative ecological models to advance conservation prioritisations for connectivity (ie larval dispersal) with a focus on climate change
Diarmaid ClerySchool of EngineeringPhD ResearcherBiomass combustion
Lisa CollinsBiologyProfessor in Animal ScienceLivestock health and welfare, climate associated health risks and projected risks linked to changes in climate
Luke ConibearSchool of EngineeringPhD ResearcherAir quality, solid fuel use, biomass burning, aerosols
Katie CookBiologyPhD studentConservation decisions to manage range shifts and climate change in marine environments
Poppy CooneySchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD Researcher (CDT Bioenergy)Biofuels/bioenergy; Algal biotechnology
Claire CooperSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherVolcanic tephra and global climate change; effect of net climate change on volcanic eruption patterns
Bart CrezeeGeographyPostgraduate researcherCarbon storage in peatlands of lowland tropical Africa
Danny CryerSchool of ChemistryPhD ResearcherField measurements of hydroxyl radical (OH) reactivity and formaldehyde
Meaghan DalyEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowCo-production and knowledge politics; Science-society relations and science governance; Climate change adaptation; Science and Technology Studies
Jeremy DaviesSchool of EnglishLecturer in EnglishEcological criticism and theory
Innes DeansSchool of Chemical and Process Engineering PhD studentBioenergy
Alice DeignanSchool of EducationProfessor of Applied LinguisticsCommunication of climate science, especially to young people
Christopher DentSchool of Languages, Cultures and SocietiesProfessor of East Asia's International Political EconomyRenewable energy development, clean energy trade, low carbon development strategies in East Asia
Tom DentSchool of ChemistryPhD ResearcherCO2 capture and utilization, waste feed stocks
Monica Di GregorioSchool of Earth and EnvironmentLecturer in Environmental Politics and GovernanceEnvironmental politics and development; climate policy, environmental movements and policy networks
Ioannis DroutsasSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherImpact of climate change on human health and nutrition
Valerie DupontSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringReader in Low Carbon EnergyLimiting the negative impacts of heat and power systems
Gary DymskiLeeds University Business SchoolProfessor of Applied EconomicsPublic policy, political economy, money and banking, macroeconomics
Stuart EggingtonSchool of BiologyProfessor of Exercise StudiesMechanisms underlying growth of blood vessels in skeletal and cardiac muscle
Andy EmerySchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherPredicting coastal realignment processes, coastal protection and wind farm siting in the North Sea
Adriane Esquivel MuelbertSchool of GeographyResearch FellowTropical forest ecology; Tree drought vulnerability; Forest dynamics; Carbon cycling
Wuhu FengSchool of Chemistry/School of Earth and EnvironmentNCAS ScientistStratospheric ozone depletion and mesospheric metal layers
Samuel FenwickSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD studentAnaerobic digestion of food waste, waste management, energy from waste, soil erosion, biofertiliser
David FergusonSchool of Earth and EnvironmentUniversity Academic FellowGeochemical and geochronological methods to investigate magmatic and volcanic processes
Katie FieldSchool of BiologyBBSRC Translational FellowPlant-fungal symbioses (mycorrhizas); plant-soil processes; sustainable agriculture; evolutionary ecophysiology
James FordGeography/Earth and EnvironmentPriestley Chair Climate Adaptation
Marcelo GaldosSchool of Earth and EnvironmentMet Office – University Academic Fellow in Modelling Food Security and Climate ImpactsThe use of crop, soil and climate modelling to assess mitigation and adaptation strategies, focusing on climate smart agriculture
Julius GaneSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringCDT Bioenergy StudentQuality bio-oil production as future renewable liquid fuels
Jorge GarciaEarth and EnvironmentMasters studentAttribution of extreme weather events to climate change; physical climate change & relationship with air pollution
Jannik GiesekamSchool of Earth and EnvironmentResearch Fellow in Energy, Materials and Climate PolicyOpportunities to reduce energy use and carbon emissions through the pursuit of material efficiency strategies
Simon GoodmanSchool of BiologyLecturer in Evolutionary BiologyClimate impacts on biodiversity; ice-breeding seals; Caspian Sea environment and ecology; evolutionary adaptation
Hamish GordonSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPostdoctoral ResearcherAerosol-cloud interactions and radiative forcing; Aerosol nucleation and its effect on climate
Andy GouldsonSchool of Earth and EnvironmentProfessor of Environmental PolicyEnvironmental and climate policy, low carbon development
Alan GraingerSchool of GeographySenior Lecturer in Global Change and PolicyTropical forests, deforestation, land use change, biodiversity and carbon stores
Sam GraingerEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowClimate Services; Climate-related decision making; Climate communication
Lauren GregoireSchool of Earth and EnvironmentAcademic Research FellowIce-sheet – climate interactions ; past rapid sea level rise and abrupt climate change
Stephen GriffithsSchool of MathematicsLecturer in Applied MathematicsAtmosphere-ocean fluid dynamics; Ocean tides, paleotides, and sea level numerical modelling
Jodi GunningLeeds Institute of Medical EducationRESS Co-ordinator
Stephen HallSchool of Earth and EnvironmentUAF and EPSRC FellowLow carbon innovation, economics, energy, climate change and society; energy transitions
Oliver HallidaySchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherModelling atmospheric interactions associated with severe convective storms
Keith HamerSchool of BiologyProfessor of Animal EcologyWildlife ecology and the conservation of biodiversity, trophic ecology
Margo HansonSchool of Earth and EnvironmentResearch Manager: Energy, Climate Change & SustainabilityMargo has managed the administration of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) at Leeds since its launch in 2008, working closely with CCCEP's Director and Deputy Director at Leeds and colleagues at LSE.
Chris HassallSchool of BiologyMarie Curie Fellow in Ecology and EvolutionClimate impacts on freshwater ecosystems, aquatic thermal microclimates, insect phenological and distributional change
Joe HassellEarth and EnvironmentPostgraduate researcherEnergy requirements of wellbeing; economic inequality and GHG emissions
Alan HaywoodSchool of Earth and EnvironmentProfessor of Palaeoclimate ModellingEarth's environmental/climatic history, model assessment, scenarios for future climate change
Dwayne HeardSchool of ChemistryProfessor of Atmospheric ChemistryHydroxyl radical; uptake of gases onto aerosols; kinetics and photochemistry of atmospheric processes
Eva HeinenInstitute for Transport StudiesUniversity Academic FellowCycling, bicycle use, travel behaviour change, active travel, sustainable transport
Thirze HermansEarth and EnvironmentPhD studentClimate change resilience/adaptation/mitigation. Agriculture/Food Security
David HigginsSchool of EnglishAssociate Professor in English LiteratureLiterary/cultural representations of climate change; historical understandings of climate change
Luke HigginsEPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in BioenergyPhD ResearcherRole of soil organic carbon plays in earth system modelling, and biochar-based potential carbon capture technologies, using XAFS techniques
Daniel HillSchool of Earth and EnvironmentLecturer in Global Change ModellingPalaeoclimate, climate modelling, cryosphere, ecosystems
Liz HillsSchool of Earth and EnvironmentMarketing Manager
David HodgsonSchool of Earth and EnvironmentProfessor of Sedimentology and StratigraphySea-level rise / change; Palaeocene / Eocene thermal maximum
Anna HoggSchool of Earth and EnvironmentESA Living Plant FellowEarth observation of the cryosphere, ice sheets, Antarctica, Greenland, ice velocity
Joseph HoldenSchool of GeographyPro-Dean for Research (Environment), Director of Water@Leeds & Chair in Physical GeographyProcesses associated with the hydrology and carbon dynamics of peatlands under environmental change
Lawrence JacksonSchool of Earth and EnvironmentResearch Fellow in Modelling African Climate DynamicsAtmospheric convection and dynamics in the tropics, precipitation, geoengineering
Rebecca JarmanSchool of Languages, Cultures and SocietiesLecturer in Latin American Cultural StudiesCultural history of responses to urban landslides in the Andes (Caracas, Bogota, Medellin, Cali) from the 1920s onwards
Jill JohnsonSchool of Earth and EnvironmentResearch AssociateUnderstanding uncertainty in complex cloud and aerosol models, and how uncertainty feeds through to climate-related quantities such as forcing
Peter JoyceEarth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherThe response of northern ecosystems to climate change
Julia LehmanSchool of ChemistryUniversity Academic FellowGas phase kinetics and spectroscopy of atmospheric chemical reactions
Astrid KauseUniversity of KonstanzResearcher, Max Planck Institute for Human DevelopmentClimate change communication, concepts and communication of uncertainties related to climate change, daily behaviours
Megan KlaarSchool of GeographyUniversity Academic FellowWater resource management and policy, extreme hydrological events (floods and droughts), natural flood management
Bill KuninSchool of BiologyProfessor of EcologyPlants - pollinator - herbivores interactions, conservation biology, community ecology and biogeographic issues
Jeremy Laycock CampbellSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringEnergy Research and Innovation OfficerEnergy Leeds
Simon LewisSchool of GeographyProfessor of Global Change ScienceGlobal carbon cycle; land-use, forest restoration and negative emissions; science-policy interface; Anthropocene
Mingchen LiLeeds University Business SchoolPostgraduate ResearcherThe relationship between companies' carbon performance and financial performance; The impact of carbon performance on firms' financing restrictions.
Yim Ling SiuSchool of Earth and EnvironmentLecturer in Environmental Risk ManagementEnvironmental risk assessment and modelling; risk perceptions, mitigation and adaptation policy evaluations
Suzanne LorenzSchool of Earth and EnvironmentResearch FellowClimate change adaptation, visualisation and communication of climate change information
Fleur LoveridgeSchool of Civil EngineeringUniversity Academic FellowClimate change effects on performance and stability of earth structures and geotechnical infrastructure assets
Jason LoweSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPriestley Chair Interdisciplinary Climate ResearchClimate & Atmos Science
Graham MannSchool of Earth and EnvironmentSenior NCAS Research ScientistAerosols, volcanic eruptions, stratospheric influences on climate, radiative forcing
John MarshamSchool of Earth and EnvironmentAcademic Research FellowAtmospheric convection; tropical meteorology; mineral dust uplift and transport; land-atmosphere interaction
Christian MärzSchool of Earth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor, BiogeochemistryBiogeochemical processes, ocean redox conditions and nutrient cycling during past greenhouse climates
Patrick MasonSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPostgraduate ResearcherBiomass for electricity generation
Ilkka MateroSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherPast, present and future changes in the Thermohaline and atmospheric circulation
David MaxwellSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD StudentUtilising biomass from brownfield sites; treatment methods to prevent emissions of harmful contaminants into the atmosphere.
Amanda MaycockSchool of Earth and EnvironmentUniversity Academic FellowSurface climate variability, composition-climate interactions, ozone and water vapour effects
James McKayChemical & Process EngineeringCentre Manager, EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training in Low Carbon Technologies and BioenergyLow Carbon Technologies (renewable energy technologies); visualising ancient environments and climates; visualising future scenarios
Malcom McMillanSchool of Earth and EnvironmentAcademic Research FellowSatellite observation of Earth's polar regions, focusing on the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets
Jim McQuaidSchool of Earth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor of Atmospheric CompositionMeasurements of atmospheric composition and air quality
Edward MitchellSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD ResearcherBiomass combustion and emissions, aerosols, black carbon and organic carbon, residential solid fuels
Felicity MongerEarth and EnvironmentPhD studentThe impacts of semi-natural woodland on flooding in the UK
Daniel MoonSchool of ChemistrySources and sinks of oxidants in the atmosphere; climate change mitigation measures
Amrita MukherjeeLawLecturer and Director LLM international lawInternational environmental law; International law; Global governance through law
Alberto MunozSchool of Earth and EnvironmentProject ManagerEarth System Models, CMIP6, MIPs
Pablo MunozSchool of Earth and EnvironmentLecturer in Business and Sustainable ChangeSustainable entrepreneurship and innovation; business sustainability
Phillip MurphySchool of Earth and EnvironmentLecturerSpeleothems as climate proxy, growth patterns and isotope records
Yannish NaikSchool of MedicineVisiting FellowHealth impacts of climate change, societal responses to climate change
Rizwan NawazSchool of GeographyResearch FellowClimate change and impacts on water systems
Angus NaylorSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD studentThe effects of climate change on wild/country food security in Canada’s Far North
Elias NkiakaGeographyPhD studentWater, Climate and Society
James NormanEarth and EnvironmentPhD studentDecision-making under uncertainty;Climate prediction across timescales;Novel commercial applications of earth imaging and climate information products
Michael O’SullivanEarth and EnvironmentPhD studentWork on the terrestrial carbon cycle, with a focus on understanding the driving mechanisms behind the observed 21st century increase in C storage
Uche OkparaSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherClimate change, conflict and security
Jouni PaavolaSchool of Earth and EnvironmentProfessor of Environmental Social Science, Director of CCCEPEnvironmental social science
Matthew PankhurstEarth and EnvironmentResearch FellowK-feldspar as a potential climate modulating agent
Douglas ParkerEarth and EnvironmentMet Office Professor of MeteorologyAtmospheric dynamics; Storms; Land-atmosphere interaction; Weather forecasting; Tropics / Africa; Operational weather prediction
Eric PetersonBiologyVisiting Research FellowFuture proofing built environment; water cooling urban heat islands
Oliver PhillipsSchool of GeographyChair in Tropical EcologyTropical forest and savanna plant growth, mortality, biodiversity, carbon cycle, global change responses and feedbacks
Legaire Pinedo Ortiz de MendivilCivil EngineeringPhD ResearcherFlooding in railway infrastructure
Heather PurshouseSchool of Civil EngineeringResearch AssistantTransitions within the solid waste industry to a circular economy with a particular focus on low and middle income countries
Lan QieSchool of GeographyResearch FellowBiomass / carbon dynamics in tropical forests
Claire QuinnSchool of Earth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor of Natural Resources ManagementEnvironmental change and sustainability, social and agriculture interface
Alex RapSchool of Earth and EnvironmentSenior Research FellowRadiation modelling, biosphere-atmosphere interactions
Christopher RaynerSchool of ChemistryProfessor of Organic ChemistryChemistry, low energy capture methods and utilisation of carbon dioxide; chemistry relevant to carbon capture and storage
Lucy RecchiaSchool of MathematicsPhD ResearcherDynamics of the Indian Monsoon system
Simon ReesSchool of Civil EngineeringAssociate Professor of Building PhysicsBuilding energy and renewable systems
Leighton RegayreSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPostdoctoral Research FellowEffect of aerosol forcing on large-scale climate phenomena on the decadal timescale
Harriett RichardsonNational Centre for Atmospheric ScienceCommunication Coordinator
Thomas RichardsonSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherHydrological cycle changes, radiative forcing, atmospheric circulation, climate modelling
Claire Richardson-BarlowSchool of Languages, Cultures and SocietiesPhD ResearcherTrade governance in renewable energy development in the Asia-Pacific
Philippa RoddisSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD StudentPublic acceptance of renewable energy; low carbon transitions; ecosystem services
Alicia RodriguezBiologyMasters studentFinal research undergraduate project in taxonomy of Scanrhynchus from Panama with the description of 4 possible new species
Will RollsSchool of Earth and EnvironmnetPhD StudentForest management and carbon; land management; unconventional biomass fuels; biomass use and supply chains
Debbie RosenSchool of Earth and EnvironmentCPOM & COMET General ManagerEarth observation and modelling of polar regions
Matthew RowlinsonSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD StudentClimate mitigation from short-term climate pollutants. Indirect chemical effects of future reductions to anthropogenic aerosol emissions.
Alistair RucklidgeSchool of MathematicsProfessor of Applied MathematicsNonlinear dynamics, including applications to fluid systems
Marco SakaiSchool of Earth and EnvironmentResearch FellowClimate change economics, international trade, economic development
Paola SakaiSchool of Earth and EnvironmentResearch FellowAdaptation and resilience of the water sector and SMEs to climate change, low-carbon future options for cities
Susannah SalluEarth and EnvironmentAssociate Professor of Environment and DevelopmentClimate compatible development; rural livelihood dynamics; climate change adaptation; social-ecological resilience
Kate SambrookEarth and EnvironmentResearch AssistantThe frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones in a warming climate
Malcolm SawyerLeeds University Business SchoolProfessor of EconomicsEcological macroeconomics
Anya Schlich-DaviesSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherHimalayan glacier response to future atmospheric forcing
Anja SchmidtSchool of Earth and EnvironmentAcademic Research FellowVolcanic impacts and hazards
Catherine ScottSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPostdoctoral Research FellowImpact of forests on climate, aerosol science, atmospheric composition, radiative transfer
Kate ScottSchool of Earth and EnvironmentResearch FellowResource consumption; embodied emissions, international trade and carbon leakage; low carbon transitions
Peter SheafLeeds University Business SchoolPostgraduate ResearcherConspicuous consumption i.e. the degree to which people buy things not because they need them but because they want to demonstrate their social status
Yong ShengSchool of Civil EngineeringAssociate ProfessorCO2 storage, unconventional coal mining, green energy
Hannah SherwoodSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD studentImpact of Biomass use/land use change on earth-atmosphere interactions in tea/coffee cultivating regions
Ben SilverEarth and EnvironmentPostgraduate researcherQuantifying the air quality co-benefits of climate change mitigation strategies in the Pearl River Delta, China
Ranjay SinghSchool of Earth and EnvironmentLBS Visiting FellowClimate vulnerability, multiple stressors, agricultural adaptation and climate policy implications are local level
Thomas SlaterSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherSatellite radar altimetry over land ice
Victoria SmithNational Centre for Atmospheric ScienceResearch ScientistWest Africa meteorology
Aidan SmithSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD studentHydrothermal carbonisation (HTC), a process which converts biomass into coal using hot compressed water within an hour
Viktoria SpaiserSchool of Politics and International StudiesUniversity Academic Fellow in Political Science InformaticsSustainable Development Goals; general sustainable development; environmental behaviour
Jeni SpraggSchool of Chemical and Process EngineeringPhD ResearcherLow carbon hydrogen production, BECCS, bioenergy
Peter StewardSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPostdoctoral Research FellowEcological science to enhance sustainability, productivity and resilience of farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa
Daniel StoneSchool of ChemistryUniversity Academic FellowAtmospheric chemical mechanisms
Lindsay StringerSchool of Earth and EnvironmentProfessor in Environment and DevelopmentHuman-environment relationships, sustainable development, environmental governance
Anne TallontireEarth and EnvironmentSenior Lecturer: Business, Environment & Corporate Responsibility; Pro Dean, Student EducationVulnerability; adaptation; transformation (especially for agricultural producers); carbon market standards (eg FairTrade Climate Standard)
Julia TannerEnglishPostgraduate researcherIssues of marine degradation, ecocide and commercial fishing; land clearance and pastoral farming; inner city urban areas and the urban poor
Andrea TaylorLeeds University Business School, School of Earth and EnvironmentUniversity Academic Fellow in Decision Making and Preparedness for Climate Change and Extreme WeatherRisk perception, communication, decision making and preparedness for climate change and extreme weather
Zac TaylorSchool of GeographyPhD ResearcherClimate adaptation governance; climate risk and property insurance, financial instruments, catastrophe modelling
Liam TaylorGeographyResearch studentPermafrost Peatlands, focussed on Alaska. Wider responses of the Cryosphere to climate change. Remote sensing. Climate Change education
Christian TenaFaculty of Medicine and HealthAdministrationDevelopment and the environment
Harriet ThewSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, climate change education
Steven TobiasSchool of MathematicsProfessor of Applied Mathematics, Head of Applied MathematicsStatistical methods in geophysical and astrophysical fluid dynamics, sub-grid modelling; effect of solar variability on climate
Alexander ValavanisSchool of Electronic and Electrical EngineeringUniversity Academic FellowTerahertz instrumentation for gas spectroscopy; THz satellite instrumentation
Bianca van BavelSchool of Earth and Environment/Leeds Institute for Health SciencesPostgraduate researcherIntegrated surveillance systems; sensitivities and vulnerabilities of health to climate; Indigenous health adaptation to climate change
Jochen VossSchool of MathematicsLecturerStatistical modelling, uncertainty quantification
Zia WadudInstitute for Transport StudiesAssociate ProfessorPersonal carbon trading; residential and transport energy use choices; carbon decomposition analysis
Ian WalkerLeeds Institute of Health SciencesVisiting Research Fellow and Specialty Registrar in Public HealthPublic health advocacy
Jason WangFaculty of EngineeringVisiting ScholarDistributed energy storage modelling, energy policy
Robert WhiteSchool of Earth and EnvironmentPhD ResearcherBiodiesel waste, biomass gasification, biodiesel and renewable diesel, life cycle analysis
Louise WhitehouseSchool of Earth and EnvironmentEducation and Staff Development ManagerEducation for atmospheric science researchers
Stephen WhitfieldSchool of Earth and EnvironmentLecturer in Climate Change and Food SecurityClimate change adaptation and mitigation in agri-food systems
Jamie WilsonEarth and EnvironmentPhD studentImpacts of deforestation: atmospheric composition and the climate
Kerri WoodsSchool of Politics and International StudiesLecturer in Political TheoryEnvironmental human rights; climate justice; environmental ethics
Robert Woodward-MasseySchool of ChemistryPhD ResearcherTropospheric chemistry
Chunxiang YeSchool of ChemistryResearch fellowOxidant and reactive nitrogen chemistry and budget analysis
Dario Gerado Zambrano CortesEarth and EnvironmentPostgraduate researcherREDD+; Climate change policy; discourse analysis; livelihoods; tropical forestry; development
Pazit ZivSchool of Civil EngineeringWater@Leeds Doctoral Research and Training Centre ManagerWater, atmospheric research, meteorology, humidity, hydrology