Competition: White Rose Brussels climate change policy article

The White Rose Brussels Office is running a competition to create an article on Climate Change Policy based on your research.

The universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, three of the UK’s leading research-intensive universities, have a representative office in Brussels. The office engages with key stakeholders to support and influence European policy and research development.


The White Rose office in Brussels opened in April 2016 and has allowed the three White Rose universities to develop stronger links with European colleagues, enabling close working on strategically important initiatives. One of its three key themes is Climate Change, and the office has run a number of successful seminars and events over the last two years, showcasing our research excellence in this crucial area.

The European Union has addressed Climate Change as a main issue since the 1990s. Our three key research institutes, The Priestley International Centre for Climate at Leeds, the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures at Sheffield and the Stockholm Environment Institute at York , have all received EU Funding to help minimise the scale and impact of Climate Change.

The White Rose Brussels office has an event in February 2019 that will tackle this theme from a policy perspective. Academics will present key research findings from the White Rose Universities. To learn more about White Rose Brussels, please visit our website.

Competition Outline

Write an article (maximum of 800 words) about an aspect of Climate Change from your own discipline’s perspective and the policy implications for a European audience. The article must also have the potential to generate interest on social media. It therefore needs to be current, engaging and dynamic, giving policy thoughts, responses and direction at a European level.

Entry Requirements

Originality: Each article must be an original analysis and must be the author’s own work. Articles previously published are not eligible.
Authors: Must be PhD student or PostDoc* from one of the three universities (University of Leeds,
Sheffield or York)
Co-authors: Articles written by more than one student are not permitted. Articles co-authored with faculty are not eligible.
One Submission: You may submit only one article.

*on a fixed term research contract within 3 years of PhD

Article Requirements

Length: A maximum of 800 words
Appearance and Format:

  •  Font: Arial, 12
  •  1.5 line spacing
  • Articles must be submitted in PDF

Language: The article should assume its audience has some knowledge of the field, though not to a technical degree.
Deadline: Sunday 6 January 2019, 23.59 GMT


Articles will be judged by members of the White Rose Team.


The winner will get the chance to present their article at the White Rose Climate Change event in the European Parliament on 20 February 2019. Travel, accommodation in Brussels and meals will be paid for.


Please include in your email submission:
Student/Author Name:
Email Address:
Telephone Contact:
Date of PhD award (due/issued):
Title of Article:
Availability on the 20 February 2019: Available/ Not available

For enquiries please contact, Director, Phil Holliday at

Please send your entries to: Aya Nay Haddad at

Header image: Kaitlin Baker, Unsplash