Competition – Design concept for glass in the Priestley Building

In October 2018 the Priestley Centre will be relocating to our own space in the newly refurbished Priestley Building (more info here). The building will bring together climate researcher from across campus with vibrant interdisciplinary meeting and collaborative working spaces.

We need your help to put our stamp on the building and make sure it provides a strong identity for Priestley Centre. We are looking for design concepts for the glass manifestation (i.e. the art work on the internal glass windows and doors) for the Priestley Building. We are looking for design concepts that will be clearly identifiable with the Priestley Centre’s vision to ‘deliver research to underpin robust and timely climate solutions’. The design should speak to the positive contributions Leeds research is making to the climate challenge. You don’t have to be able to design the artwork yourself (although if you can then great) because the winning person / team will work with the building design team to develop their concept into the artwork for the manifestation.

There are some great example already around campus e.g. Maths Building, Institute for Transport Studies and Facilities Directorate (see above) that might provide some inspiration.

Glass Manifestation ITS

Glass Manifestation Maths

Glass Manifestation Charles Thackrah









A few things to consider when developing you concept:

  • A repeating design or concept based on a theme helps to provide an identity (e.g. the Facilities Directorate uses leaves to identify meeting rooms which are named after trees, maths use mathematical equations and diagrams)
  • There are different levels of transparency which can help to provide privacy for people in offices and meeting rooms;
  • Colour is expensive so try to limit you concept to a maximum or 3 (black and white can also be very effective).

Please send you concept in the form of a short written description with doodles, diagrams, pictures etc to by 12:00 on 4th December. Design concepts will be judged by a panel made up of members of the Priestley Centre Management Committee and the Priestley Society.

Any questions please get in touch with the Priestley team at