Creative Labs – Climate Edition

Imagine you had a professional digital marketing agency to communicate your climate research … what could you do?

Now is the chance to find out:  the Priestley Centre is partnering with the Cultural Institute on Leeds Creative Labs – which this year is a special “Climate Edition” – and top creative marketing professionals from the region.

The programme, which partners researchers, or even entire research groups, with professionals from creative digital marketing, offers a unique opportunity to view your work from other angles using digital technology.

Creative Labs may also help to develop new interdisciplinary collaborations and potential routes to contribute to future funding bids, impact and new ways of communicating Leeds climate research (see impact slides).

The professionals (recruited from a number of digital initiatives, including Leeds Digital Festival) include well known digital marketing agencies and freelancers, providing a wide mix of skills, both creative and technical.  From social media and messaging to prototyping apps and products, the process is designed to allow researchers and creative professionals to make connections, spark ideas and think differently.

Partners collaborate for the equivalent of three days over the six week period with no necessity to produce outputs as such, but rather for mutual learning and to explore the collaborative potential. You will be expected to attend the launch event on 17 May and the share event on 28 June.

As well as the creative and technical opportunities this offers, the process has a broad range of proven additional benefits that can and have led to researchers securing other sources of funding, increasing their academic outputs, improving the scale and quality of funding bids and positively impacting on professional practice (see Impact slides attached).

Read more about Leeds Creative Labs and apply here.

Deadline for applications for academics is 9 May. (Note: postgraduates can’t apply on their own, but they can take part in a group led by a more senior academic.) There will be a selection panel after that and applicants will be notified on 11 May.

Please note: this opportunity is open to academics doing any form of climate related research at the University of Leeds, but you must be a member of the Priestley International Centre for Climate to take part. The Priestley Centre is an interdisciplinary centre bringing together climate related research across all faculties at Leeds; if this applies to your research and you have not yet joined the Priestley Centre, please join here.

If you would have questions, please get in touch with Kate Lock, Priestley Centre Communications Officer, who will be happy to fix up a quick briefing session with our Cultural Institute colleagues.

Find out more and apply for Creative Labs